Wish List


A 5’8″ Grand Piano Yamaha C2 around $25,000

Call Mark at

8837 W. NORTH AVE.
MILWAUKEE, WI   53226-2725

6 panels of the Legacy Accoustic Shell by Wenger $13,400?? plus shipping ($1000+)

This is a choral shell that would project the sound of the choir in our auditorium much better.   (Just a dream) Our district ownes 1 shell that is shared by every school.  It is the same one we used at the Winter concert and it is in tough shape.  It is also almost impossible to get a turn to use it,  We won’t have it at the spring concert.

4 new powered condenser choral mikes on two mic stands.

Miku Hatsune vocaloid software


Parents to organize a Gifford Music Boosters.   I would like to develop a handbook for choir families with list of responsibilities and the like.  The boosters could help with communicating the good things we do to the community, one place that I have been unsuccessful thus far.    I do not wish to give up any artistic directing responsibilities, just organizational and communication.   If we wanted to raise our own funds or find places in the community to perform this committee could also help.  At Park High School I had a parent group that supported the program in a lot of ways.  If you are interested comment here or email me.

11 Responses to Wish List

  1. John Werth says:

    My Chorus has a full-chorus portable shell in nearly new condition. Asking about $7,000. It’s a Wenger unit with two carriages for transport. It can be assembled by two people. We purchased when our chorus was 100, give or take, members and do not need it now. Was used only a few times. Would you have any interest? BTW, I was born in Milwaukee, grew up in Racine. How’s the old town?

  2. Melissa Dixon says:

    I’m sorry I haven’t see this until now, but, I’d be happy to help start something regarding board/boosters. Natalie will only be at Gifford one more year, but I strongly believe in what you do and would be happy to help get something rolling that could strive and continue on for parents of younger choir students. Perhaps we could meet to discuss exactly what you’d like to see? I can try to round up a few other parents to participate?


  3. joinchoir says:

    Round up, lasso, live trap, whatever it takes. I could use some help. Organizing chaperones for field trips, organizing parents to alter uniforms, assembling lists of expectations for attendance, behavior etc for students, helping parents resell choir uniforms when kids move on, help with set construction, lighting, supervision, set-up and take down of sound equipment, costume making, make-up, advertising, community contacts, getting our events in the A+ section of the racine Journal Times and reminding parents of upcoming dates are just some of the many tasks I need help with. Even things as simple as attendance and entering contact info into the computer would be helpful. I feel I do an adequate job of communicating with families but this takes an effort of heroic proportions for me because of my ADD. My energy would be so much more useful if spent on artistic endeavors.
    The Appleton Boys Choir has their handbook online http://www.appletonboychoir.org/Handbook.pdf. This would be a good place to start to develop a similar tool for our choirs.

  4. Laurie Nikolic says:

    What do you still need help organizing? I would be willing to do something in the organization area. If you would let me know I would be happy to do it. Thanks for showing the kids that the arts are so important (especially the kids of parents that have no artistic abilities!!) They sure are having fun!

    Laurie Nikolic

  5. i thing we should sing dont stop beliveing

  6. Emma Widmar says:

    Sent you an email about a song request . My mom picked the song out RESPECT by Aretha Franklin. Many people know this song !!!

  7. kim leslie says:

    Mr. Senzig,
    I do not check this blog that often, I apologize, please confirm who is performing on Sunday?? I had no idea about practice this week. Do you make announcements for the kids?
    Thank you

  8. joinchoir says:

    Yes, announcements were made. Getting a printed note hasn’t been much of an option. If you have not been getting emails from me please email that to me so I can put you on the email list.

  9. Niki Kraus says:

    Never checked this section of the blog. Need of help, I am happy to assist.

  10. Amy Sladky says:

    Melissa, I’d love to help out too. I don’t believe I have time to lead the Boosters club, but would like to help out where I can. I’m probably better suited for organizational/administrative/communication type tasks rather than set construction or uniform alterations.


  11. Its been so fun working with you!Can’t wait to see what your choir does this year. Wish I could be in it! Good job kids!

    Much Love,
    Kaitlin hutchinson

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