All School Concerts

v. 7.10.17 (rough draft)

All-School Concert And Sing-Along

When: Sat. Dec. TBA
Where: Case High School Fieldhouse
Who: All Gifford Students  K5-5th grade (not 3K or 4K)
Arrive: TBA
Dress Code: No requirement but we request dressing up or wearing solid bright colors, Caiman Chorus and Children’s Choirs wear uniforms
Admission: Free
Required: All Gifford students are expected to come. This is a part of your student’s curriculum and grade. There is an alternative performance assessment that students can take.


This returning annual mega-event will have 10 choirs, 4,000 people, Christmas carol sing-alongs and some performances will be posted to our YouTube channel. This is the largest choral event in Racine so come and be a part of it. Bring family and friends.  Bleacher seating will be available on the South, East and North sides.    Please help make this a big deal for your students.    Energy will be lost if anyone is missing.

Students should dress up or wear a bright solid color top.  No hats, glitter or blinking lights should be worn.  No need to buy anything new, any school cloths would be OK. Caiman Chorus kids should wear their choir t-shirt. Gifford Children’s Choir members wear their uniforms and their Caiman Chorus shirt over the top.

Volunteers are needed to help line the kids up on the gym floor, supervise, pass out programs, video record the concert and to take still pictures. Please email . If you upload your own video of the performance please send us the link.  This is a public performance so audience and choirs may show up in news paper, internet or other media.


8 Responses to All School Concerts

  1. Becky Meredith says:

    Mr. Senzig-I would like to express my opinion about the school concert on Dec. 8.Most importantly, I think you are the type of teacher that all students deserve to have.You obviously give 110% to your classes as well as the concerts. I have had kids at Gifford for 8 years now, so I’ve been to lots of programs over the years.I have to tell you that we did not care for the last concert at Case and neither did my children. When I watch my elementary-aged kids perform, I want to see them in their own environment. At Gifford, I can at least find them on stage and they feel comfortable knowing we are close by, even if they can’t see us. It is always chaos trying to find our kids when the concert is over, but at Gifford the kids know the surroundings and they feel safe waiting for us.Also, at Case the seating is uncomfortable and very difficult for older people to climb the bleachers. I realize that you have made efforts to address these issues, but it is just too much for us to see our kids in a place meant for high school kids. Believe me, I know all the problems that go along with our smaller Gifford auditorium and parking lot. I hope someday you can come up with a plan that will work at Gifford.Maybe one teacher does a winter concert and the other does a spring concert? I hope the concert is wonderful for you, but our family is choosing not to attend. I hope you respect our decision. Thank you for all your efforts. Sincerely, Becky Meredith

  2. joinchoir says:

    Thanks for your input. I hope others will read what you wrote and give their opinion as well. I understand and agree with many of your assessments. However, I am afraid that this is the best we can do and it is a lot better than all other available options. The Case concerts are probably going to be the norm at Gifford from now on. It is the best option for many reasons. I believe it is important for the children to assemble as a community. We could do that in the Gifford Gym but then there would be no room for family members to attend. Last year we asked families to limit the number of people that attended the concerts to make them more managable, and that was when I split my half of the school in half for two consecutive concerts. There still was not enough seating or parking. I tried having three concerts but that was very taxing on our resources. The kids did not get to see all grade levels perform, some families had to attend all three concerts because they had multiple kids at Gifford and the secretarial staff got inundated with dozen of phone calls asking if their students were involved or not. I had students who were not mine come and perform and children attend the wrong concert time thereby missing their opportunity to sing. Similar things happened with two concert times. Putting the performances all into one big show at Case H.S. makes it easier to find an accompanist, recruit essential help to run the sound equipment etc., fixes the parking problem, gives ample seating, gets principals to come, makes it so there is no doubt if your child is involved in the concert or which concert they are involved in, and allows the students to gather as a community. It also gives us the chance to sell advertising to pay for the expenses of the show and keeps me from spending too many nights away from my family volunteering for my job. The bad things are: a feeling of the place being not our home, a bit of discomfort in finding your student after the show, problematic seating for elderly audience members and me having to haul the sound equipment to Case and back. I have tried to address these problems by doing the following: I asked Mr. Russo to dismiss the audience by grade level and printed that in the program so parents know what to do. I have the Case custodians setting up 100 chairs on the floor behind the kids so that those that would have a problem getting up the bleachers don’t have to. We are including many sing-alongs to cover the action as students move up and down from the risers and allowing people to stand up and get blood flowing back in their backsides. As for the place not being our home, well, it will be the home of many of our students and I hope that having been there for their elementary music experience might make them more comfortable on that first day of high school. I think that as we get used to having our concerts at Case, parents will become more and more comfortable with the surroundings. In class, every child that knows someone who goes to or works at Case proudly shares their information in an attempt to claim some ownership of the facility.
    We now have a united music program at Gifford. Since the addition of the dynamic and talented Miss McCormick you will find more and more teamwork and growth in our music program. Gifford’s size is part of what makes it so amazing but with it comes its own set of problems. I will continue to try to tweak the events to make them more kid and family friendly. I of course respect your decision not to attend but I strongly disagree with it. At the core of all of this is that we are presenting the work your children have done over the past two months. They have worked hard to prepare for this event. Public performance is an important part of the Wisconsin State Standards for music education which both Miss McCormick and I follow. If you were sitting on those hard bleachers you could look around and try to think of ways we could make it better within the paradigm of the “all school” event and then share those ideas with us all by posting a follow-up comment. I do believe the basic format is what is best for the largest percentage of our community including, students, staff, and families, but I am always looking for ways to make it better. Of course you should choose what you think is best for your family.

  3. joinchoir says:

    Photos of the concert are in the hallway outside the music room. Tomorrow (12/16) there will be forms available for you to order them.

    A quality video was shot by Mr. Tate, I am going to edit out the walking and talking and hope to make it available after the holidays. If you are interested please email me with “Video” in the message field. I will contact you when the disc is ready for copying. There are some copyright issues I have to address first.

  4. Debbie Crenshaw says:

    Jack…kept forgetting to let you know that Maddie will not be attending the concert at Case on the 11th as Joe & I will be out of town and she will be staying with friends. I am still planning on having her attend all the practices if you are ok with that, but wanted to give you a heads-up in case something hinged on her placement in the order, etc. I understand that she is also suppose to be a helping buddy for a 4k student at the concert, so not sure who I should let know about that. Thank you. Debbie

  5. Sharry Lunsford says:

    Mr. Senzig,
    I was wondering if anyone had thought to seat the children in the bleacher seating so that the parents/family members of the children can sit in the floor closest to the performance. I think this would solve almost all of the problems this parent is experiencing. I think being closer to the performance, as opposed to sitting far away at the back of the crowd or up in the bleachers, could bring a greater sense of comfort and involvement for the families of the kids. This would also solve the problems with the elderly having to climb the bleachers. Finally, all of the children would be in a more contained space while waiting for pick-up after the event. I hope this is something that the school will consider. I realize that Case HS is about our only option when it comes to finding a large enough venue for our kids, but I hope that we can implement more ideas to make our experience at Case a warmer and more comfortable one.

  6. joinchoir says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I wish there was a more comfortable way to do this. There will be 3,000 adults at this event. Case is reluctant to set up 200 chairs for us. There is not room for 3000 adults on the gym floor. The time it would take for our 600-900 performers to walk up and down the bleachers to perform would add about a 1/2 hour on to the program. The probability that children would injure themselves coming up and down the bleachers is very real. We practice in our own gym using the bleachers as choir risers and it is very difficult for many kids to navigate them and that is just on the first three steps. Middle and high school kids could handle it fine but at this age bleacher seating for the kids is not very practical.

    We are conscious of how uncomfortable it is on the bleachers. That is part of why we make it a sing-along. It gives everyone the chance to stand and get the blood flowing in their backsides every 10 minutes or so.

    We had considered having the stage set up across from the main bleachers to help with sight lines but after the crowd at last years concerts we realized we had to open up the bleachers on the other side to accommodate them.

    Early birds can sit in the metal bleachers near the cafeteria so at least they don’t have to turn their heads the whole time. Thanks for toughing it out.

  7. Emily K says:

    Hello- my son, Michael, sang solo in the musical on saturday, and I was wondering if there was a video recording I could get a copy of? My camera died during the concert. 😦 Of course I ‘d be willng to pay for it if necessary. Thank you, kindly -Emily K

  8. joinchoir says:

    Michael did an excellent job! We are very proud of him. I can’t wait for him to be in 2nd grade so he can join choir. You might start thinking of a song he could sing or some other act he could do for the talent show. There is a good chance he would make it in. (See the page above about the Talent Show)

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