No School Thursday

No choir, no musical no extra musical practice grrrrr!

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No School No Choir No Musical

If there is no school there is no choir or musical. The altos are doing very well so we will be Ok but the musical practice missed is going to hurt. I will post more about a solution on the GiffordArts blog. Musical parents check there later today or tomorrow. (If anyone lost a Ford key with an opener on a fob last Friday check with the school office)

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Indiana Tour Topics

It’s time to get going on tour issues.

The dry run of the tour is the trip to Whitewater. So far it has shown that we are not functioning well as an organization. Your children are preparing to perform at a higher level than almost anyone would think possible. The music we are preparing for Whitewater and for the Indiana trip is in 3 and 4 parts and in the extreme ends of elementary school choir range. Every member of the choir is needed to pull this off, especially in Indiana as we will not have the 3rd graders. The Soprano 1 section has been dealt a huge blow as we have lost several 5th graders leaving a huge hole. Only one of the families had the courtesy to tell me they were dropping, which I find very rude and don’t mind saying so. I have to ask everyone to review the commitment you made at the beginning of the year by reading the “Gifford Choirs” page on this blog. This event will not survive any surprise withdrawals beyond this point. We are right at the break over point for whether or not we need one bus or two. I hope to keep the costs to you as I had originally stated, around $150. I am seeking a couple kids by invitation only to fill in the gaps but it is a very risky process. None of your children are replaceable. No other children at Gifford have received the level of preparation in the process of divisi part singing that they have.

There are about 10 4th and 5th graders who have not turned in their $75 deposit for Indiana. I will email out a list early this week. If you know you didn’t kick in yet please do. There are 50 singers I expect to be going.

I am asking you to step up your commitment to the choir over the next two months. Many of you have told me you will help, all I have to do is ask. I don’t have time to ask. Please read the “Parent Help” page carefully and sign up for one or more of the still unclaimed jobs for the choir. A small way to help would be to check the blog several times a week.

Please read the choir calendar and note the May 7 performance and YouTube taping.

Why do I need help? I spoke to you in September about my personal limitations due to ADD. Lists are extremely hard for me to deal with. It took me several hours to sift through the lists of who committed to the Whitewater trip and to email and finally call those that did not respond. In addition to finishing writing the musical and rehearsing it I also just started taking a Research in Music Education class and have begun work on my masters thesis. I had my first class today and it is going to be a lot of exactly the kind of thing I struggle with. It is going to be a huge draw on my time.

Don’t forget to start helping your child choose an act for the talent show. If they are singing, you need to get them print music and get a copy to Miss McCormick soon. Auditions are March 28 and 29. If you buy music from (recommended) would you consider clicking on the link at I am the editor of the Choral Composer’s Community there and you will be supporting my organization. Enter in your browser, then click on the sheetmusicplus link in the lower right hand corner.

For those that would really like to chaperone the Indiana trip, having read this far will give you an advantage. Email me if you want to chaperone and i will put together a list. If you are a doctor, nurse or EMT be sure to tell me. I will choose a couple people to go along and then put the other names in a hat. Chaperones will have to pay their portion of the trip just as your student does. You will be sharing a room with one other adult. We need a couple men as well. I will make the decision for who is going to chaperone by this Thursday.

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Information Liaison Needed

The Caledonia Patch, a new local online news service, is looking for a Gifford parent to be the volunteer media liaison for our school. You could do a lot to get the wonderful things we are doing out to the public. The bureau chief is Denise Lockwood. She is seeking a PTA type parent who takes a lot of pictures and knows what’s going on. If interested, email her at:

Denise did a nice job on the article she wrote about the choir earlier in January: click here.

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Whitewater Is On!

Date: Friday, Feb 11
Time: 7:30 AM-5 PM
Where: Pick up and drop off at Gifford East side.
Event Location: UW-Whitewater
Who Should Come: Members whose parents confirmed on the blog that they could attend plus members who missed the blog post and still want to go. New members joining this week will not know the repertoire so can not attend.
Chaperones: Comment here if interested. I will draw names from those posting here and those who have already emailed me or posted with their desire to go. I believe we will need 3 but I would like 5.
Uniform: I would like the kids in Uniform plus their Caiman Chorus T-shirts over the top to protect the white shirts.
What To Bring: $5 or a bag lunch to be eaten at McDonald’s. A resealable bottle of water.

Permission slips will come home Wednesday and Thursday. Please return them by Firday. i need to give them an exact number of participants and pay for them.

Here is a link about the festival. Please do not contact anyone at UW-W regarding this event. Send all questions to me. We will not be participating in the Outstanding Soloist portion.

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Caiman Chorus to GCC Auditions

Sh, Kaitlyn grade 4
Or, Morgan grade 4
No, Megan grade 4
Li, Amalia grade 4
Fi, Vincent grade 4
Fa, Kaitlin grade 4
Di, Austin grade 4
De, Raymond grade 4
Cr, Samantha grade 4
Ch, Lauren grade 4

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Whitewater Update

If you have not already responded, please respond one way or the other. If you can’t go please comment “Name here” can not go.

If you volunteered to call another parent when things were posted to the blog please contact them and comment for them.

Presently 38 kids can go. We need 60.

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