Resurrection Choirs

v. 7.10.17

Adults, If you don’t get to sing enough in your life, consider joining a church or community choir.  Mr. Senzig Directs one and would love to have you check it out.  If you have a specific need or denomination and would like to find a choir, contact Mr. Senzig for assistance.

Join us Sunday mornings at the 8 AM service at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection (ELCA), 322 Ohio St, Racine WI.    The choir has presently about 15 members ages 17-??.  We have an open attendance policy so come when you are able and still take time off to visit the grandchildren, travel or sing with another ensemble.   Requirements:  usually singing in tune and an appreciation for bad jokes.  Recommended:  Ages 10-14 join with a parent.  ages 15-109 join with a friend.  Come down near the piano if you arrive just before 8 AM or attend rehearsal at 9:10 AM in the choir room.


2 Responses to Resurrection Choirs

  1. joinchoir says:

    Way to go Kristi Fenkl of “Night Wing” who sang our solo on “Once Again” last Sunday. You made a lot of people smile. see

  2. Kristi Fenkl says:

    Thanks Jack! The song selection, “Once Again”, is in the perfect range for my voice so thanks for being ‘in tune’ with each Chancel Choir members’ qualities. It felt comfortable to sing it Fortississimo even with a microphone in the balcony. I’m thankful for the encouragement you shared to let my personality shine and have fun with the flow of notes for the solo.

    Thank you for that ‘most awesome’ compliment to our Chacel Choir members regarding how much faith you have in our singing, blending and sight-reading music talents.

    You’re time shared at Lutheran Resurrection Church with our Chancel Choir each Sunday is GREATLY appreciated – Peace and joy through music always, Kristi Fenkl

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