Fieldtrip Friday

Must arrive in parking lot East side of Gifford 7:15-7:25 AM. Do not pull in the bus loop.
The bus leaves at 7:30 sharp.
We return at 5 PM to Gifford. Please be there a few minutes early.
There is a $20 fee for this trip that most of you have already paid or fundraised to cover.

Members need to wear their uniforms plus their Caiman T-shirt over the top. It is usually a bit chilly in the auditorium so that should keep them comfortable. Also when we eat it will protect their white shirt. Please wear dark shoes and socks.

What to Bring:
We will be eating at McDonald’s. Kids need money for that and I have been instructed to encourage the kids to make healthy food choices. Please make your expectations clear to them. I will not be policing their choices. I would suggest $5. If you want to bring a bag lunch that is fine, the kids will just eat it at McD’s. Make sure their first and last name is on the lunch bag. I can cover lunch for a couple kids if you let me know. email me or send a note.

Water in a resealable container

Kids may bring something to do that fits in their coat pocket. No electronics of any kind. (No DS, cell phone, mp3 players.) If they forget it, we won’t go back for it and if I see it during rehearsal parents will have to come and get it from me if you want it back. Plan accordingly.

Coat, hat, mittens.

What Not To Bring:
Electronics of any kind.
Purses or backpacks.
Anything not listed above.

In case of emergency, call the school: 619-4550. They have my cell phone # and will contact me.

I was trained by our nurse today on use of Epi pins, inhalers and administering medicine. I will take care of what nurse Tracy usually does for your child on the trip. I have a medical kit with personal items they need in it. Those that are self carry, don’t forget your inhalers.

Other Info:
This event is not open to the public. It is a workshop. The assembled participants will work on two pieces of repertoire together and will perform for each other. We will receive critique form the host faculty. We will make a recording of the combined numbers to review with the kids.

GCC will be performing the combined numbers on the Indiana tour and at Gifford on May 7 for you to hear. That is going to be an amazing concert that will make your buttons pop.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of your children. They consistently perform at a higher level than I expect is possible and I am by no means setting the bar low. The UWW festival is for high school choirs. Your children have the pieces prepared in 3 and 4 parts. I have attended this event as a high school director and have seen the normal level of preparation. I believe our kids will help lead the group because they are so well prepared. I had them try the pieces by memory today and they did it! We have only been working on them since the second week of January. It would have taken me two months of daily rehearsals to prepare my Park H.S. girls for the same two pieces. Wow!

To quote Mr. Eben: “Gifford is the greatest place on Earth.”

Bryant and Haschker familes, if you have changed your email please send me your new address. My emails are bouncing back.


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1 Response to Fieldtrip Friday

  1. Natalia DeLaat says:

    Alexis will be at TLC starting from 7 am. We’ll notify the teachers there that she needs to leave by 7:20 so someone can escort her to the bus. Or will you be signing kids out from TLC yourself?

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