UWW/Rehearsals/Drum Lessons

If you still have not turned in permission slips and money for UWW (this Friday) get those in at your sectional rehearsal Tues and Wed. Full Choir meets Thursday.

Anyone looking for Drum Lessons? Mike Cobb who has played for us on all of our big videos and events is available to come to your home to give lessons. Mike is an excellent teacher and has a gentle and kind approach. 634-8217. Reasonable rates.


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2 Responses to UWW/Rehearsals/Drum Lessons

  1. Marnie Hidde says:

    I believe my son was sick the day you handed out permission slips for Whitewater. I have no slip and don’t know how much money to send. Do you have one I can download? Is there an electronic copy you can email me? Thanks, Marnie

  2. Marnie Hidde says:

    Nevermind. Max gave me the slip when I got home tonight. I’ll send it in with him tomorrow.

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