Tour Repertoire

I spoke with the director of the Indiana Festival. Below are the pieces that we will be singing combined with his groups. You can use these for the kids to get familiar with the music but it is more important to have them listen to the other pieces listed in an earlier post. i.e. Ave Maria, Wade In the Water, I Will Be and Credo.

Bist Du Bei Mir arr. Doreen Rao

The Sally Gardens Benjamin Britten

Come Let Us Join Our Festal Song Helen Kemp

No video available.


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2 Responses to Tour Repertoire

  1. Timmie says:

    How is the indiana trip and the musical going to play out? If my dates are accurate they fall on the same weekend. Please let me know. Also, I tried to email you in regards to my sons absence today and the email was declined. Is your email working? Thanks

  2. joinchoir says:

    The show closes on Friday. The Tour is Saturday and Sunday. The kids will be able to handle it just fine. They have three + hours on the bus Saturday morning to relax. It will all be good.

    I do believe the district server was down this morning. Is your son Garret?

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