Casting News

edit: 1/16/11

We made real progress toward final casting of the show. I had intended to include three adults in the show. As I work to finalize the script, I added a scene that required another adult. In looking at the depth of talent available in the cast, I have decided to change at least three of the adult roles to be children. I now need to have Miss McCormick check out a couple kids dance ability. The lead boy and girl have a dance duet. I would like to have John Z, Evan K and Alyson B. see me tomorrow. We will set up a time for you to show what you can do. I also need to hear a couple other kids sing. Zoe B, Hunter M and Angela A see me when you have music class in the next three days. Do not count your child out if they are not on this list. There are others I am considering for the roles but I already know what they can do.
The final decision may not be made until Tuesday next week. All cast members should attend on Wednesday until 5 PM. No rehearsal this Thursday due to orchestra concert.


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1 Response to Casting News

  1. Kelly Cantu says:

    If you need another student, Ayliah would love to help out, I know she was very disappointed she didn’t make the play.
    Kelly Cantu

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