UWWhitewater Trip

Earlier this year I mentioned a festival at UWWhitewater. This would allow our 3rd grade GCC members to participate in a trip. It is in addition to the Indiana tour and is a one day trip. We would leave before school on February 11 and return around 5 PM. Click here.

The format of this festival is as follows: High school women’s choirs from the midwest gather to rehearse two pieces together and record them for later listening. The day is spent rehearsing with the college director, listening to college treble choirs and performing as individual choirs for each other. Each choir receives a short clinic from the UW-W choral faculty. There is no audience. The recital hall seats are filled with singers. We would either pack our own lunches or eat at fast food places in the area. I have to check on the cost of the bus and entry fee. I believe it will cost about $20/ kid. We would take school busses. We will use the festival to prepare music for the Indiana trip. We would perform one of the Christmas numbers as our showcase piece.

Although I planned on taking the choir to this event, it was not on the calendar. Therefore it is not a required event. Once you commit however, we do need your child to go. We need at least 60 kids to make this a work. I just got the confirmation that the festival is still on. I will send permission slips home on Thursday if Mr. Eben approves the trip.


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2 Responses to UWWhitewater Trip

  1. Jami says:

    Is the Whitewater trip an event that parents could drive themselves and attend/observe??

  2. joinchoir says:

    Unfortuately, no it is a closed event as all of the seats will be filled by singers. It is more of a workshop than a performance. The kids will be performing the new songs on another concert in Racine that you can attend.

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