Tour Deposit/ Help Needed

If you did not get an email from me:
1: check your spam folder and tell me if it ended up there
2: Send me your email with a note to add you to the list.

I asked that a tour deposit be made tomorrow of $75 minus any profit from other fund raisers. Tour is for 4th and 5th grade GCC members. I will not be at school tomorrow so you can hold off until your choir rehearsal or give it to Miss McCormick. make sure checks are made out to Gifford School and you put the payment in an envelope with your kids name on it (recycle an old envelope). You may wait until Friday if that will help. The amount given in the email is only the brochure sale, there is a problem getting to the online MrZ sale info at the moment. Some of you also have $4/book profit from the Boston Store sale and some have made deposits. That info is at school and I am not.

Skatetown is tomorrow night. If we have a good turnout, some of the profits go to benefit the choir. We are looking at some more sound equipment to improve our all school concerts, choir and strings concerts. The class with the most kids there and their teacher wins a pizza party. I should be there.

I updated some of the statistics about the Trololo video. Go back and read the old post on stats, scroll down to the bottom to see the list of nations where someone has watched Gifford Choirs perform. It boggles the mind.

Please review the Parent help list to remind you of what needs to be done or what you signed up to do. I got an extension on the time limit to complete my masters degree in music. This is huge news for my family and me. So now in addition to the musical, tour and talent shows I will be taking a class and working on my thesis. I am going to need a lot of help. Life is no fun if it isn’t busy!


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1 Response to Tour Deposit/ Help Needed

  1. Nancy Arnold says:

    I did not get an email from you. Perhaps it is because I already paid a $75 deposit check the week before winter break. I have no idea how much Angela has in profits from fundraisers. All I know is we bought a lot of pizzas and pies this year from Gifford!
    My email address is
    I do not know your email address.

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