Caledonia Patch/ Rehearsals

Rehearsal is very important today and tomorrow as we will be dividing the choir into three and four parts. Sopranos today (Tuesday), Altos tomorrow. Caiman chorus meets on Thursday. The kids should wear their blue shirts for a yearbook picture.

The Caledonia Patch Article is up here. Show your appreciation by leaving a comment on the site and share it on Facebook. This news source will be valuable to our community. Let’s help them get a good start. There are a few corrections that I will make here. You can comment here if I missed one. I can’t imagine how hard it was to take the 50 gigabytes of info I gave the reporter and turn it into a concise article that online readers would want to read:
May Kohler, not Mary Kohler
Angela Janota-Peavler was director of Visual Presentation, not the choir
All of our previous videos got us 865,000 views, Christmas Trololo got us to 1,350,000 views.

Thanks Denise for posting the article.


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2 Responses to Caledonia Patch/ Rehearsals

  1. Tori Schram says:

    The article on Patch states that the kids were in Time Magazine. I don’t remember you ever mentioning that on the blog… do you have a link?

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