It’s Hard to Overstate My Satisfaction!

Gifford Children’s Choir
edit: 1/13/11
(The memetastic Choir of the Internet)

This was a triumph!

I’m making a note here, “Huge Success.”

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction!

There is nothing pressing here, just statistics for you to share with the kids and make you proud!

I had predicted 200,000 views by the January 1, 2011.  We have 450,000 in 15 days, 2010

Our original Still Alive video got 500,000 views in 39 days, Our Trololo video got 500,000 views in 31 days!

Still Alive had 38 countries that gave us 1,000 views or more.

Trololo had 40 countries that gave us 1,000 views or more and included Brazil which is the first foreign country to break 100,000 views of one of our videos.

There are 53 countries that have viewed the Gifford Choirs videos 1,000 times or more.

Top 10 Countries that watched “A Christmas Trololo”:

1. US: 144,692

2. Brazil: 121,443

3. Spain: 27,332

4. Russia: 23,530

5. Canada: 21,587

6. Poland: 18,757

7. United Kingdom: 16,274

8. Germany: 10,733

9. France: 9,086

10. Mexico: 6,861

Our kids have now been viewed over 1,000 times in 52 different countries. 
They have been viewed over 1,000 times in every state in the US except Wyoming.
We are well on our way to becoming “The Choir of the Internet.”

There are 19 countries in the world where they have not been viewed including” North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Serbia Montenegro, Turkmenistan and 14 countries in Africa. Most of these say “No viewing data available.”

YouTube’s Regional Popularity:

Of all the people from a country viewing videos on YouTube in a given day, regional popularity is the percentage of them that viewed our video.  We reached: Brazil 99%, US 94.1%, Spain 88.6%, Russia  87.7%, and Canada 82.8%.  The only time we broke that was for “Still Alive” in the US we reached 99.5% regional popularity.

YouTube Honors:

We received 27 weekly honors including:

#6 Most Viewed (This Week-12/22/10) Entertainment – Russia

#10 Most Viewed (This Week-12/22/10) Entertainment – Spain

#11 Most Viewed (This Week-12/22/10) Entertainment – Poland

#15 Most Viewed (This Week-12/22/10) Entertainment -Netherlands

#17 Most Viewed (This Week-12/22/10) Entertainment -Canada

#18 Most Viewed (This Week-12/22/10) Entertainment -Sweden

#19 Most Viewed (This Week-12/22/10) Entertainment -New Zealand

#19 Most Viewed (This Week-12/22/10) Entertainment -US

We presently have 2 monthly honors:

#68 Top Favorited (This Month-As of 1/2/11) Entertainment- US

#106 Most Viewed (This Month-As of 1/10/11) Entertainment- US

According to we have been shared 4,866 times including 18 blog posts.  We are being talked about by language: English 30%, Portuguese 30%, Spanish 30% and Russian 10%

Media Attention:

We made it to G4TV’s Attack of the Show

We made it into The Escapist Magazine:

We made it into the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online:

We were talked about on WGTD public radio by Dave McGrath

We were mentioned in an article in the Huffington Post: click here

We made it on the front page of were they called it “a memetastic performance” and then included us on the Trololo page, a more or less permanent place of honor in a new category called “Tribute Performances”: click here

The #1 website that brought people to our video was in Brazil. 81,609 views.

The 1st website to post us that I am aware of was

And we have an article coming out in the on or after January 1.

Thanks Parents,

The masks contributed greatly to the view count.  The Guy Fawkes mask first but then the Hilary Clinton mask took over.  Hilary happens to look just like Brazilian fashion designer and politician Clodovil Hernandez.  Another lucky break is that Trololo means “Nonsense” in Brazilian Portuguese.  What a fun time this has been!

View Counts for A Christmas Trololo by Country:

Total Views: 473,420

Thousand Views Club:
US: 139,254

Brazil: 115,847

Spain: 26,295

Russia: 22,930

Canada: 20,737


United Kingdom: 15,547

Germany: 10,401

France: 8,579

Mexico: 6,427

Netherlands: 6,177

Ukraine: 5,665

Australia: 5,302

Lithuania: 4,642

Belgium: 4,537

Sweden: 4,428

Chile: 4,398

Italy: 4,232

Norway: 3,757

Portugal: 3,623

Hungary: 2,320

Denmark:  2,305

Argentina: 2,186

Finland: 1,934

Ireland: 1,705

Switzerland: 1,555

Romainia: 1,573

Peru: 1,307

Czech  Republic: 1,249

Slovakia: 1,201

Columbia: 1,199

New Zealand: 1,210

Macedonia: 1,057

Estonia: 1,080

Austria 1,019

There are 207 places (Countries and The Like) where someone has watched the Gifford Choirs: (37 actual places with no views. Many have no internet access such as Antarctica and Picairn Island)

Africa: 32
Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nambia, Zambia, Angola, Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Bukina Faso, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria

Asia: 21
Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India

Middle East: 15
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaljan, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emerates, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey

South America: 13
Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela

North America: 9
USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Greenland

Europe: 34
United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Russia, Poland, Sweden, France, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Ukraine, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Lithuania, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Slovenia, Greece, Belarus, Moldova, Bosnia Herzogovinia. Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia

Near Australia: 6
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia

Other: 4
Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Falkland Islands
Plus All These Islands and other similar places:
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:3
Macao: 9
Puerto Rico:
Trinidad and Tobago:
Serbia: 5
Faroe Islands: 10
El Salvador
Malta: 1 1 1
Singapore: 843
Aruba: 9
Andora: 8
Netherlands Antilles: 14
Jersey: 15
Turks and Caicos Islands: 4
Bahamas: 32
Fiji: 4
New Caledonia: 6
Aland Islands: 5
Palestinian Territory: 5
French Polynesia: 4
Guam: 17
Bermuda: 5
Mauritius: 5
Guernsey: 5
Reunion: 4
Brunei Darussalam: 23
Isle of man: 17
Guadeloupe: 3
Saint Kitts and Nevis: 7
Cape 5
Virgin 3 17 6
Antigua and
Northern Mariana
Cayman 9 6
American 2
Saint : 11
Saint Pierre and 1 2


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