YouTube Honors

The World Famous Gifford Children’s Choir has recieved YouTube honors from around the world.  We are in the top 100 videos in the entertainment category in 21 different countries:  Poland, Germany, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, and the US.  You can find these on YouTube  to the right of the view count.  There is a little graph.  Click on it and scroll down.   If there is no country listed it is for the US.   The first one from Poland is for all categories.

This was a triumph!:


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2 Responses to YouTube Honors

  1. Debbie Crenshaw says:

    Just checked YouTube…the link to the Trololo Christmas video AND Still Alive are on the Home Page. Didn’t even need to click Entertainment! They are right there !! Whoopee!!

  2. joinchoir says:

    You sure those weren’t suggestions for things you might like? I would be surprised if Still Alive made it to the home page again. It has gained a huge boost though.

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