We Have Peaked/Sopranos/CaledoniaPatch.com

Soprano Rehearsal: Tuesday as always.  However, I won’t be taking attendance so if you are headed out of town don’t worry about it.

Christmas Trololo Has Peaked: This has been another fun ride.    Unless local media has a bigger impact than I suspect or if we make it on YouTube’s Entertainment frontpage, our view count should steadily drop through the Holidays and then die off until next year.   If my crystal ball is still working, we should finish 2010 with about 100,000 more views than I originally expected.  Nice work kids!  I hope you have enjoyed making so many people happy!

I am also very pleased that this has created new interest in our other videos and that many people are starting to connect the dots between Still Alive, The  Rick Roll, and Trololo.   This video was very necessary to get us known as the Kids Choir that sings internet memes.   Next up:  Robot Unicorn Attack and boy do we have some fun things planned for that one!

New Local News Source.  This is a site with a vision similar to my own.  We as a community have an opportunity to help the new CaledoniaPatch.com be a success.  Unless you work for the JournalTimes this will be a good thing.  From  my interaction with their news agent, I believe this new site has great potential.   Since most of you have internet access or you wouldn’t be reading this, having access to this online news source will be a mutual benefit.  Please check out their site and subscribe at the bottom.  Their news agent is coming to write an article tomorrow. (see earlier post) No matter how good of an article she writes about us, if people don’t know about the site it won’t be very useful. Click here for the site: CaledoniaPatch Consider joining their facebook page: here.   Consider sharing it with your friends and businesses you have contacts with.   There is also a link to the right for future use.

Happy Holidays!!

ps: We made it to Viral Video Charts again.  Check it out: here.

191,065 views, overall 1,031,564


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2 Responses to We Have Peaked/Sopranos/CaledoniaPatch.com

  1. joinchoir says:

    OK, so now we made it ti the front page of YouTube’s Entertainment page. Type YouTube into your browser, click on the word Entertainment and look at the bottom. Take a screen shot, this is a big deal.

  2. Kim says:

    Jack,it also made the home page of AOL yesterday

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