Total Upload Views 1,001,994

Around 1:10 AM Sunday, Dec 19 broke a million views of all of our videos combined.

A Christmas Trololo: 159,207

Still Alive (original): 665,385

Still Alive Choir Better Video (honestly): 60,479

Kids Sing Radiohead No Surprises: 42,211

Still Alive Again (the Rick Roll): 36,803

Kids Sing A Capella Kelis: 8,287

Still Alive Choir Full View: 7,588

Kids Sing Gaga/Polmplamouse Telephone: 5,549

The Cake is Not A Lie: 3,124

Kids Sing Butterflies and Hurricanes: 1,597

The Diners in the Kitchen: 1,157

Plus several videos with under 1000 views.



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