New Blog Photo

Well we finally have up the photo of the right choir.  It may change when I get Fran Merrit’s pictures but this one will do for now.

Please watch the video at and not on YouTube.  Too many inappropriate comments.  Did you see the escapist magazine article?:  here

We have a reporter coming on Monday to talk to me and a couple of kids.  Please suggest your kid here in the comments if they are excited about this and you think they would be good in a video interview.  I will choose who will help based on your comment.  If selected have them wear holiday cloths.  The reporter is from a new website we are going to try partnering with,  It is called I think.  It is a news agency for ultra local news for Caledonia and Wind Point and is an affiliate of AOL.   I hope to partner with them.   Send First name, First initial of last name, Room #, Grade, And a note that you give permission for their full name and image to be used by the site if you want them to be considered.


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7 Responses to New Blog Photo

  1. Helen says:

    Thank you for all the hard work, Mr. Senzig.
    May would like to be considered for the interview. Her name and image could be used by the site . May, K , Room 34, 4th Grade.

  2. Amanda Lipke says:

    Trenton L woulde be very interested in being interviewed. 5th grade rm 40. You have my permission to use trents name & image.

  3. Jenny borke says:

    Andrew B 4th grade room 34 has my permission to be interviewed Andrew is very excited about being choir and loves all the attention it is getting.

  4. Debbie Crenshaw says:

    Maddie was blown away after she heard that the choir vidoes hit 1,000,000 views! She is really excited to be involved in such amazing choir that so many people can enjoy. I give permission for Maddie C., Rm #46, 5th grade to participate in the interview, including use of her full name & image, if she is considered. Thanks!

  5. Louise Haschker says:

    Stephanie H. 5th grade room 40. Has my permission to participate in any interviews. Stephanie says the new video is ‘ totally epic’. She is very excited about choir.

  6. Francine Merritt says:

    Hunter M. 5th grade room 40. Has my permission to be interviewed. I’ve never seen him so excited and interested in anything like this. He loved to sing before, but you have definetly made an impact on his love of music even more now. Thanks for everything you have done for all the kids!

  7. Melissa dixon says:

    Natalie has permission to be interviewed, Room 46, 5th grade.

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