Trololo Live in Racine

We have one more performance of Trololo live on Dec 11, 2 PM at the Gifford Winter Concert and Sing-along.  The concert is at Case High School, 7345 Washington Ave, Racine WI.  The kids will be singing to the accompaniment we recorded last weekend.  The audience will get to sing along on part of the song.  Join us!


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3 Responses to Trololo Live in Racine

  1. Mom says:

    Congratulations!! The concert was GREAT! You make me proud.

  2. Nancy Arnold says:

    Just as an fyi, on CNN last night they highlighted the Top 10 viral youtube scenes of the year… and the Trololo guy singing the original Trololo song from the 70’s came in at #9!!!! It was pretty cool to see!

  3. joinchoir says:

    Thanks Mom,
    Your sense of altruism has always been an inspiration to me. From being a member of the school Board and Vice Pres. of the State PTA to being a valued volunteer for my program and the Kindergarten teachers at Gifford, you have shown an excellent example of how one should share his/her life. I wish I would have had someone else guard the door during Trololo so you could have been in the video with Katie, Vickie, Hallie, Donovan and Adele, but once again you saw a need and jumped up to help out. If anyone has wondered why I volunteer so much now you know. Love you Mom.

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