Fundraiser pick-up/Rehearsals

Help!   We need some parent helpers to distribute the fundraiser items from Mr Z’s on this Thursday from 4-6PM.

Pick-Up Thursday Dec 9 4-6 PM in the Theater Foyer.   Enter through “Parent Pick-up” doors.  Remember to make checks payable to Gifford School.  They will not be cashed until at least Dec 16 to give you time to collect from your buyers.   Please make arrangements to pick them up on time.  The community choir dress rehearsal follows the pick-up so I will be unable to help you after the pick-up time.

Down-payment for Tour.   I know that this is a terrible time to ask for money but you should start thinking about making a tour downpayment of $75 as soon as is possible for your family.   If you did fundraising, about 35% of the sale price of things you sold will be on account for you and that can be used as the downpayment.  Once the pick-up is done and checks cashed I will give you all a report of your account balances.   I’m thinking January 10 as the deadline for the downpayment.   It will depend on the response from the busline.

Combined GCC rehearsals this Tuesday and Wednesday.  These are our only rehearsals with the accompanist and we will be recording another shot at audio only for Trololo with the recorded band accompaniment.  No hats or masks needed until Saturday for the concert.


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6 Responses to Fundraiser pick-up/Rehearsals

  1. Francine Merritt says:

    I can help after 4:20.

  2. Jenny borke says:

    For the tour down payment we should make checks out to Gifford?

  3. Samantha Thorson says:

    I can help with fundraiser from 4:20 to 5 ish.

  4. joinchoir says:

    Yes, Gifford School. I would put “tour deposit” in the notes line but not necessary if your kid turns it in to me.

  5. joinchoir says:

    That would be great.

  6. Nathalie Kelsey says:

    I havent seen anything new on this – does that mean that the $75 deposit is still due on Monday for the tour? If my child did participate in the fundraisers should I still submit this amount? Please let me know as Monday is close! 🙂

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