Great Job Everybody!

The filming and recording is done!  The kids did an excellent job.  The audio version sounds amazing.  I won’t get the video to work on until later this week.   I also am having some software issues that I need the district tech guys to help with.

I want to say thank-you to all of the parents, grandparents, nieces, friends and community members for participating.   This would be nothing without the community connection.   We didn’t get near the 400 I would have liked but you really got the part down.  Extra special thanks to each of the students from other schools that participated. Park H.S., Case H.S., 21st Century, Walden, and Gilmore M.S. were represented.  Thanks to district music staff, Keri Bieri -Gilmore vocal music, Erik Weiss -Gifford Band and Angela Peavler -Gifford Strings for helping out.

Technical help from Chris Janus, robot repair and backdrop construction from Brett Halladay, Stage Decor and visual presentation by Angela Peavler, Camera platform by Lance Peavler, Filming by AVA Media and Gary Alvarado with help from Bill Piirto and (Name please) a student from Park H.S., Pit band led by Ken Norman, Drums by Mike Cobb, Bass by Brad Karas, Violin by Cathy Gabby and Angela Peavler, Bells by Hallie Senzig, Eupohnium by (name please), door guard by Adoree Senzig, special appearances by May K, Santa, and Mr. Jeff Eben -principal, and parent helpers, Rachel Benson and Fran Merritt.  To my partner in crime and choreographer Miss McCormick, your copious gifts once again made the kids look great.  Sorry if I forgot someone.    Everyone that helped should comment here or email me so I can thank-you more properly.

Well it is now 5 of 6 Senzigs with the flu.  When I was laying on the floor of the Gifford Staff men’s room last night around 9 PM, wishing someone would shoot me and feeling like someone had, I had my doubts about today.  Dragging myself to my computer and the copier to finish the script for the camera crew was one of the hardest things I have ever done.   But with bucket and shovel (for the snow) in hand I made it through and so did many others. Special thanks, kids, for the extra effort that many of you made.  Hunter M I’m sorry you didn’t get to finish with us and many kids were just too sick to come.   This success belongs to all of you! Thank you.


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1 Response to Great Job Everybody!

  1. Nancy Arnold says:

    Thanks Mr Senzig for being so dedicated to the group and for trying something this big!! Can’t wait to see the final product!!

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