Tour Scholarship Idea

Any GCC family struggling with the upcoming costs for the March tour may want to consider this.   We could use someone to sell cold bottled water at the Case concert on Dec 11.  We can sell 200 bottles easy and maybe even 300.   I need someone who can pick up the water and ice and who has a couple coolers to put it in.   You could pick up and sell other concessions as well.  The first two families that respond to this could use this as a fund-raiser.  All of the profit up to $150 for each of the two families would go to their accounts to pay for their individual tour costs.  If you raise more than that, the rest would go to choir club.  Someone from the family who is not performing would need to work in the Case cafeteria from 1:30 PM to about 3:30 PM or until sold out.    I can provide a cash box with start-up change.

This would provide a needed service and help two families with their tour costs.  It would also reward parents who are actually checking this blog :).


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2 Responses to Tour Scholarship Idea

  1. Jenny Petrick says:

    I can bring a cooler if someone needs it.

  2. Nancy Arnold says:

    I’m planning to walk around during the concert & take photos. I’m on the yearbook committee and would love to see some action shots of the kids in the yearbook!!

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