Loose Ends

I have had a rough day.  If you emailed me and didn’t get a response I apologize.  Hopefully between old posts and pages on the blog you have found what you need.  We were missing a lot of Altos today.  There are combined rehearsals Wednesday and Thursday this week and Tuesday, Wednesday next week with Caiman Chorus on Thursday.

We still need an adult size Santa suit and someone to wear it. I do have a kid size one that we will use for backup.

We still need a cowboy costume and a cute little munchkin to wear it and pose on Saturday. Connor thought maybe his little bro could help…?

Some of your emails bounced back.  If you did not receive an email from me in the last couple days, you might want to email me your address.  jon.senzig@racine.k12.wi.us.   Am I ending up in anyone’s spam folder? With the YouTube and Blog addresses on my signature I am concerned.

We have about 10 extra masks that people are bringing or have brought in.

Uniforms came today.  I could use a parent to compare the list and label them for distribution tomorrow during rehearsal.  I just can’t do anymore tonight.  With the robot dying, pit band issues, sound system setup, etc. I’m done for the day.   I have learned a lot about how not to run a community event from this one.  If we do this again I won’t take a “build it and they will come” attitude.   The stress of not knowing if we will have an audience choir and trying to beg borrow or steal instrumentalists is just about more than I can take.   Only 8 parents and family members have let me know they are coming.  You don’t have to be a great singer to participate in this.  Bodies! I need bodies! (sorry, lost my head there 🙂 )

I told the kids to bring a water bottle with their name on it to the filming on Saturday.

If anyone doesn’t know how amazing our Visual Presentation Director Mrs. Peavler is you should take notice.  She decorated the stage, provided and dressed the robot and got us other costumes. She also had her hands buried in the robots guts for an hour when she had a concert with the Racine Symphony to get ready for.  You rock Peavler! I am honored and humbled by your greatness.

We need a size L choir uniform shirt.  If anyone has outgrown theirs form last year and got a bigger one please bring your old one to rehearsal Wed or Thurs.

Caiman T-shirts will be here by Dec. 8.

Great praise for Mr. Halladay for saving the day with his robot repair kit!


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One Response to Loose Ends

  1. Jenny borke says:

    We have a “woody” (from toy story) costume size 4-5 but not a kid. I am still looking for one I might have one that will come I will let u know as soon as I know.

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