Dec 4 Check List

Rehearsals: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8 AM this week

(Yes, you should be at all three)

Performance: Sat. 9-Noon. Arrive around 8:50, put coats in choir room and then
assemble on the stage.

Masks: Everyone that did not request me to get you a mask should have one. Bring it

Santa Hats: If you have a red santa hat with white trim leave a comment here. I need
to know how many to buy.

Uniforms: Black Pants, White Shirt
Hem the pants
Those that did not pick up uniforms last week pick them up Tuesday.
Daprie B I have your shirt. You need to get your own black pants
Those that had uniform problems: some have been swapped and are ready for
you, others will be here during the day on Tuesday. Pick them up after

Parent Help: Please comment below if you can stay and sing in the audience or if you can help back stage.


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14 Responses to Dec 4 Check List

  1. Jenny Petrick says:

    Jordan Pe does NOT need a Santa hat.

    I also found some mardigras masks on Ebay so I ordered a pack of 6. We will bring those as well in case anyone needs a mask.

  2. Marnie Hidde says:

    Max Hidde has a Santa hat. His shirt is way too small so I had him bring it in today to see if he can get a larger one. I can sing or help backstage – whatever you need me to do. Take care, Marnie

  3. Meera Sharma says:

    Saipriya has a Santa hat.

  4. Francine Merritt says:

    Hunter has mask and santa hat. I can help Saturday if you need me.

  5. Debbie Crenshaw says:

    Jack…we will get a Santa hat. We have a Christmas party the morning of the taping that Maddie will miss, but we are taking our other daughter to, so will not be able to participate. Sorry. Debbie

  6. Kelly Heiselmann says:

    Hailey has a santa hat.

  7. Kelly Heiselmann says:

    I will get the mask and I will stay to sing.

  8. Amanda Lipke says:

    Trenton has a mask, I can pick up a Santa hat too… I’m sorry that my husband & I cannot participate in the video, we’re hosting a Christmas party that night & must be home to get ready for it… I do have a 14 yr old son who is in the case choir who can help if you’d like…

  9. Louise Haschker says:

    Stephanie and Sydney have masks and Santa hats.

  10. Kelly Cantu says:

    Ayliah Cantu has a santa hat and a full mask, which doesn’t fit so well so she also has a half mask that fits better that she will bring on Sat. I will not be able to attend due to work but Ayliah will be there.

    THANKS 🙂

  11. joinchoir says:

    I would very much like him to help out and sing. Send him and all his friends!

  12. Amy Sladky says:

    My husband will be bringing Carolyn and plans to stay and sing.

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