Trololo Help

I am putting the last touches on preparations and need some help.

Does anyone have a cute little kid not in choir and/or a cowboy suit to fit one. Hat, sheriff’s badge, chaps, boots… We need a cute little person to dance around during “Ahhh Eeeee”

We need you to sign up to be in the audience-choir for the taping. Go to and comment “Put me in the choir” and your name!

Any parent with audio recording experience would be useful.

Who has a red Santa hat with white tassel? Comment below please and bring it along to the taping.

Don’t forget this historic, required event for your GCC member is on Dec. 4 from 9AM to Noon.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!


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1 Response to Trololo Help

  1. Nancy Arnold says:

    I’ll be in the audience choir

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