GCC Uniforms Are Here!

*Important* I will pass out uniforms at the rehearsals this week. It is essential that you have your student try them on somewhere where they won’t get covered with hair and lint. I would go so far as to suggest putting a clean sheet on the floor where the kid tries them on. About 25% of the uniforms won’t fit. If your’s doesn’t, send it back folded in original packaging with a note as to what is wrong. I can exchange many with other kids that have one that doesn’t fit.
You must return anything that doesn’t fit on Thursday this week if we are going to have them for Dec. 4.

I could use a couple people to stick around when you drop your kids off at rehearsal to help get the uniforms out. I suggest you send a grocery store bag with your kid to rehearsal to bring their uniform home in.


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1 Response to GCC Uniforms Are Here!

  1. Francine Merritt says:

    Hi Jack,

    I will stop in after Hailey’s violin practice tomorrow morning, around 8:30 to help you.

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