Where To Get a Mask

I doubt if Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Kmart have their stuff out yet but they may still have a cart with opened items. Ask at the service desk.

Here are a bunch of excellent ones:

Here’s a cool one:

You can go to craft stores in Racine and purchase a plain mask and then decorate it. Call first.


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11 Responses to Where To Get a Mask

  1. Kim Jones says:

    Jack, I thought the mask needed to be plastic looking and cover their entire head minus their mouth? I’ve been searching all over trying to find an appropriate mask for Haley, with no luck.

    If the Venetian mask you listed above is acceptable, there are more available options for this type of mask.

  2. Amanda Lipke says:

    I found an all white mask at hallowen spirit for $4…. However it covers his full face….. Will this be ok? Does it have to be decorated or can it be left white?

  3. Andrea McIntosh says:

    Since I’m not really sure what to get & you offered to get masks for the kids, could you please get one for Olivia? I will pay the cost, of course, I just want to make sure she has the type of mask that you have in mind. Thanks.

  4. joinchoir says:

    We’re good. PTA Teacher of the year candidate Angela Peavler was picked up a few at rummage sales this summer for us so we’re good. Mrs Peavler has done a lot to help make us look good. She is providing the robot for Trololo as well.

  5. Andrea McIntosh says:

    Thanks so much.

  6. Marnie Hidde says:

    There was a bunch of half masks at Party City (the old Factory Card Outlet). They’re in the back right corner. Some for only $1. Max got one with a long nose. Is that OK?

  7. Amy Sladky says:

    Somewhere along the line I got the impression these were supposed to be plain masks, but now I see your examples are quite decorative. We got a plain white one from Hobby Lobby…should we dress it up?

  8. joinchoir says:

    Sure, if you want to. Variety is the key. Anyone else reading this that doesn’t have a mask, Nelsons has some nice ones for $3-$8.

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