The posters for the Dec 4 event are in.  If you know a business that would let you hang up a poster send a note with your kid telling me how many you want.  These posters should not be taken to hang in your student’s room at home, at least not until after they have hung in public.   I plastered them around at UWM and UWP this weekend.  Anyone go to gateway or Carthage regularly?  If you attend church regularly, consider trying to hang one where  your church choir practices.



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5 Responses to Posters

  1. Natalia DeLaat says:

    Can you give one or two to Alexis? I’ll pass them to choir director and/or post them at Tremper High in Kenosha if you’d like.

  2. Jenny borke says:

    Do u have anyone for cartage yet? I go every Wednesday night. You could send some home with Andrew or Alex. Thank you Jenny

  3. Amanda Lipke says:

    Do have a PDF of the poster? I have a couple of churches that just want to send out a mass email to their entire congragation. Also one would like to use it in their newsletter. If you do you can email it to me at

  4. joinchoir says:

    Yes. I don’t know how well it will work in a church bulletin but I will send it to you.

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