Mr. Z’s Online Component

This is really cool!   Everyone that has friends or family that you can reach by email should consider going to the Mr. Z’s online part of our fundraiser.  Register as it says in the letter in your packet.  The address it asks for is your address.   Once you have registered you will get a new login and password to insure that any profits you make are credited to your child.  Write it down (I copied it to my Stickies in my Mac’s dashboard)

Click on the eZ Home button on the left of the screen, then on the Participant button.

Enter your login info. And click login

Click on send email on the left of the screen

Click on the blue Send New Email link in the text on your screen.  enter emails of family and friends and add a personal note about your child trying to raise money.

Once you have entered them all in, click the send email button at the bottom of the page.

An email will be sent to the contacts you gave, giving them a much less complicated link to click on to order from.  Include your own email address so you can see what the email that you sent looks like.  This will keep track of sales and report to you each time you log in.

I know this may be pushing the limits of your computer savvy, but we are all about learning right?



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