Fundraiser Starts- Mr Z’s

We officially start tomorrow but we did send home some packets today.   As questions arise, please post them here for everyone to read and see the answer.  Here are a couple clarifications you may need after receiving your materials.

Students earn prizes based on the number of items sold.  (Your Choice Awards) Prizes are not cumulative. Prizes are received for selling the following # of prizes:  3, 8,12,18,26,36,50,60,72, 84, 108 and 150+

In connection with our December Skatetown event, we will award a free soda coupon for each 10 items sold.  These coupons must be used at the December event and are to be redeemed at Skatetown during “Gifford Night”.   Purchase of admission is required to redeem the coupon.

There is one form for each of the two brochures we are selling.

You are free to decide how to collect money for your order.  You are required to write one check or money order at the product pickup day on December 9.   These checks will be made out to Gifford School.  People you sell to should write their checks to you or pay you in cash.   Your check will not be cashed until Dec 16 or later to give you time to collect from your clients.   Personally, I am going to ask people that buy from my girls to pay up front, but it is up to you.

Volunteers are needed for pickup day to help unload the truck and organize the orderly disbursement of the products.   this is not a hard task to do.  Pick up is December 9 from 4-6 PM in the theater foyer.  The truck comes between 2:30 and 3 PM.  Please comment here or email me if you can help.

Prices include tax.

Notice that there is also an online component for this.  people who live far away can still order.  go to, click on new participant.  Our user ID is 82114 and our password is 985339.  You can email relatives and friends from that site to let them know how to order.   Do not write online orders on the papers.


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3 Responses to Fundraiser Starts- Mr Z’s

  1. Nathalie Kelsey says:

    Mr Senzig – I am concerned about the pickup time for this fundraiser. The PTA for Gifford has the secret santa shoppe on Thursday Dec 9 and we will still be cleaning it up on that day until about 6 PM. I just want to be sure that this pickup will not conflict as we already have the dates approved and the music hall reserved for the secret santa event.

  2. joinchoir says:

    Natalie, I don’t see that it would be much of a conflict. Pick up will be from the Parent Pick-up doors mostly. The hallway that you will be clearing will still have student traffic at the end of the day so it can’t be completely closed off anyway. Am I missing something? Let me know.

    Jack Senzig Gifford Children’s Choir Director email: Publicity: YouTube:

    “What is fame? [Russian poet Alexander] Pushkin said it’s just a bright patch upon a shabby singer’s rags. When it happens, it happens.” -Eduard Khil

  3. Nathalie Kelsey says:

    No that is fine – I just wanted to be sure we didnt have a conflict 🙂

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