Uniform Update

edit: in italics 10/19/10

Everyone please read this entire post.

33 people have not turned in their uniform order forms.   The dress shirts are on back order and will take 5 weeks to get here.  We have to send the order in now or they will not arrive in time for Dec. 11.  I will give you until Wednesday morning 8 AM to turn in the forms or you will need to order directly through the company which is much more expensive.   I will bring a tape measure to choir Tuesday and Wednesday, if you want me to measure your kid, return the form, or a note giving me permission along with a check for the amount of the items you need.   Pants up to size 16: $15, Dress Shirt: $12, Coir T-shirt: $7.

A couple people ordered pants over size 16.  I can order them but know that they are “Man pants” and the crotch will hang down several inches.   If you would rather get your own 100% polyester black pants that match the look of the choir pants I would strongly recommend it.  I can give you a refund if you let me know by Wednesday morning.

Thanks to Fran Merritt for entering the info on uniforms and permission slips for me.    Please be more careful to read the forms I send home.  I realize the lay-out of the form was not terrific but I need your help in this regard.  I don’t want to end up with a kid missing a performance because they didn’t get the right uniform piece ordered.   If you didn’t need any uniform part I still wanted the form back so I know that.   Thanks.

Here is a list of kids that have their uniforms ordered or taken care of correctly.  If not on the list look below for orders that were flagged.

Angela Ar, Brandon Ba, Ashley Bi, Megan Bi, Andrew Bo, Sydney Br, Alyson Bu, Madison Cr, Courtney De, Lexie De, Jayln Fa, Jaxon Fo, Kristen Fr,  Alicia Gu, Stephanie Ha, Sydney Ha, Arilee Ha, Hailey He, Max Hi, Jessica Hu, Haley Jo, Caitlyn Ke, Kenedy Ko, Dane Ke,  Megan Ko, Kenedy Ko, Jacob Li, Trenton Li, Cameron Ma, Alex Ma, Olivia Mc, Cali Mu, Ashley Ne, Kate Ne, Shaina Pe, Hannah Pf, Jordan Pe, Connor Ra, Garret Sc, Abby Se, Adele Se, Carolyn Sl, McKenna St, Evan St, Adam Th, Terra To, Michael Th, Maria Vi, Trent Wi, Sophie Yo,

Madeline Le Do you still need a M T-shirt? If so $7 please.  If not tell me..

No Name Waist 31, neck 13 1/2, Sleeve 20 1/2, Chest 33, quote from form “We have the pants, shirt and t-shirt but the pants and shirt are too small.”   Who are you and does that mean you need pants and shirt? Payment was not received with this form.  I will hold off depositing checks until Wednesday just to be sure.

If you are not listed above you probably have not turned in your form.

We measured Cody,  Kevin, Maya and Matthew today.  Please let us know if they need uniforms and send payment tomorrow.


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18 Responses to Uniform Update

  1. timmie says:

    Please measure kennedy’s shirt size as stated on the permission slip. Thanks!

  2. STULTZ says:

    Evin has all the pants, and the 2 different shirts from Cora last year

  3. Nancy Arnold says:

    Do you have any practice thoughts for Thanksgiving week, from 11/20-11/28??

    I am starting to make travel plans and need to know Angela’s commitments prior to their Dec 4 choir taping.


  4. Debbie Crenshaw says:


    I called Annasofia’s mom and she did not get the uniform form. She also asked how to measure.
    She said that she would call you to find out how she can get a form before Wednesday. Let me know if you do not hear from her. Thanks!

  5. joinchoir says:

    Thanks for getting me to think about this. Choir meets just as normal on Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving I would like the kids to make Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday rehearsals, both sections. Same for Tues and Wed Dec 7 and 8. I will note it on the calendar.

  6. Natalia DeLaat says:

    Alexis has both pants and shirt from last year. We’ll double check the fit tomorrow just to be sure. She did lose her choir tee shirt though. I will send money for that and a note about the uniform tomorrow morning (Tuesday, Oct. 19).

  7. Amanda Lipke says:

    Sorry that Trenton over paid, if it makes it easier for you just add it to his “accoun” or consider it a donation to the choir.

  8. Nancy Arnold says:

    Just as an fyi, Angela & her brother William have been ordered by the MD courts to attend my next custody hearing, scheduled for Tuesday Nov 30. Angela will be out of school at a minimum from Monday Nov 29 thru Wed Dec 1. She is not aware of the hearing yet.

    In addition, having told my ex last week that the kids were out of school for thanksgiving week, I just found out yesterday that he already went ahead and bought tickets for the kids to fly out to MD on Sat Nov 20.

    I’m hoping to change that itinerary to departing Mon Nov 29 with me… but that is a long legal issue, one that I have to delve into because it’s HIS holiday.

  9. Nancy Arnold says:

    If Angela falls into the Size 16 pants category, absolutely, we will shop for black polyester pants on our own!

    I believe I just sent in measurements on that form. I don’t remember seeing a chart for measurements=size.

    Please reply so that I know if I need to start shopping! Thanks.

  10. joinchoir says:

    I reimbursed her $15 cash today. Another family found a matching pair of black polyester pants at Kohls.

  11. joinchoir says:

    No problem we will get it back to you one way or another.

  12. Nancy Arnold says:

    Great. I will head to Kohl’s today. Hopefully she can bring in a pair of pants on Thursday for your approval.

  13. Kelly Cantu says:

    Sorry, I didn’t know there was a form until tonight. Ayliah has her outfit from last year, therefore we don’t need to order another. Thanks! Sorry for the delay! 🙂

  14. rachael benson says:

    We have uniform from last year. Thx.

  15. Nancy Arnold says:

    Can you get me in touch with the other family who shopped at kohls… I just spent some time looking in girls, juniors and petites and couldn’t find any pants that were 100% polyester. I found lots of polyester/rayon blends but no polyester. Could they let me know the dept/brand etc… I may try JC Penneys tomorrow

  16. kim leslie says:

    Mr. Senzig we will need a shirt, t-shirt and pants for Kevin. I hope it is not to late. I have pants from last year that are to small in the waist for Kevin. If anyone need a 10R they can have his old pair. I think he worn them 1.

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