Boston Store Fund-raiser

Choir Mom Louise Haschker has taken on the Boston Store fund-raiser for us.  Please read though this and consider saving $5 by purchasing the coupon book below.  All questions regarding this sale should go through her (Phone number listed below).  edit: The Mr. Z’s sale starts Tuesday October 26.


Boston Store Community Day Fundraiser

    Gifford Children’s Choir is selling Boston Store Community Day booklets.  The coupon books are $5.00 and you get a $10.00 off coupon plus many additional coupons. This is a great sale and an easy fundraiser for our children.  Our goal is to sell 100 books by Nov. 5th, so tell people to start their Christmas shopping early! We’ve included details below.
    Coordinator: Louise Hashker (262) 884-6994
      • Please call Louise to pick up the coupon books
    Cost: $5.00 per coupon booklet
    Profit: $4.00 to your child’s  Gifford choir account
    $1.00 will go to Gifford Children’s Choir

Payment: Cash or checks accepted – If you are paying with a check, please make it payable to “Gifford School” and write a note that it is for the Gifford Children’s Choir.

~ Thank you for supporting the Gifford Children’s Choir ~



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