Trololo and You

Parents and Adult Family Members,

The kids and I are getting ready for this huge Racine event and we need your help.  Any of you that enjoy singing and can sing in tune most of the time, even in the shower, are invited to sign up to sing with the kids.  There is room for 400 singers and I want to fill every position.  We also need instrumentalists.  I have contacted the local media about announcing this and several outlets have stated an interest in helping.  My vision for this is to bring our larger community of SE Wisconsin together to share in a musical event that will be enjoyed by the online community.  Even if the video does not gain nearly the momentum of our last one I think this project is extremely important.   Getting people in Racine/Kenosha/Milwaukee to think about and participate in the arts at an elementary school will pay dividends for our schools, our districts and our cities.   As people see the good things coming at Gifford and see that so many people are a part of those things,  they will gain a better feeling about SE Wisconsin.  They will be more likely to relocate here, stay here, volunteer here and to be a part of the education process.  I know this may sound crazy but look at how much professional sports can bring people together.  I have seen time and time again how online communities gather around a single issue, entertainment or theme.  People from around the world come together to share ideas and to find a feeling of belonging.   You can help by joining us and telling your friends.  You can comment below or (preferred) sign up at our publicity blog to get the ball rolling:

Financial issues are always a challenge.   The budget from PTA is $200 for the choir and I am grateful for that.  Everything else has to come to us through fund-raising, donations, grants and advertising.    The cost of putting on the Trololo event will be well over $1,000.  If you don’t sing perhaps you could volunteer to sell water in the foyer, hang a poster at work or make a donation.  We have almost exactly $1,000 in the choir club account right now but that is the seed money for not only choir but, the  musical and talent shows as well.   Our first fund-raiser starts Tuesday October 26.   We are selling Mr.Z’s Pizzas and gift items.  80% of the profits go into your student’s account so we will get 20% to use for the choir as well.  Participation in any fund-raiser is not mandatory but because we depend on that 20% for expenses it would sure be helpful.   The majority of the money we currently have came from donations last year.  Many parents found that their employers gave matching gifts.  Please check on all options you have available to help the choir.   If you have a business consider advertising in the winter and spring concert programs.  Sizes and prices will be available soon.

Some special ways we need help.  I could really use some help from a copyright lawyer, we need a couple of people with experience using digital recording equipment,  we need three Zoom H1 digital recorders,  to borrow several quality mics meant for recording an area, someone with lighting experience, people to hang posters at local universities and a Santa Claus suit.

(Edit: fund-raiser starts Oct. 26)



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