This Morning/Skatetown/Austria

edit: 10/13/10

Hey everybody, sorry if anyone read my panic post this morning, my wife had my keys and I was stranded.  Mrs. Chapman supervised the kids until Mr. Eben came and rehearsed them.  I arrived about 8:25. Attendance was not taken, so if you stayed home as I suggested, don’t worry about it.

Skatetown: I love Skatetown.  Once again I have found a way to incorporate something I enjoy into the job I enjoy.  I challenged Mr. Eben that if we could increase the number of people that attend the monthly Gifford night at Skatetown, vocal music could receive the additional proceeds.  I already go with my girls almost every time.   We will be doing a lot more promoting of this event to see if we can return to the glory days of 190 Gifford people a night.  Presently we are around 70.   Lynn, the co-owner of Skatetown is willing to work with us to grow this event.  I would like to ask you to consider spending some of your entertainment dollars by making this a family event for you and your student.   Siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and all extended family and friends are invited as well.   We could earn $250 each month by doing that.  It is great exercise as well.  If you are not going for a reason that could be corrected, please tell me below.  Lynn tries very hard to cater to his clients.

We are not going to Austria.  We got a second invitation to perform on a different musical tour in Austria.  We were invited because of the article in the WCDA journal about us last year.  They said they invite only the best as this would actually be a performance tour.  We are not going to Austria.  It would cost $3000 a kid.  The reason I am sharing this is to get you to start thinking big.  We are not going to Austria this year or even next but two years from now an international tour is very possible.   Everything we do this year builds the choir up for next year and years to come.  Keep up the amazing work!


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2 Responses to This Morning/Skatetown/Austria

  1. rachael benson says:

    Jack, When are the group pictures with the blue shirts going to be taken. I think we all need a reminder please. Thanks, Rachael

  2. joinchoir says:

    Don’t know when they are taking group pictures. Do you?

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