Meeting Results

updated 9/24 (italics)

We decided to pursue the South Bend Indiana choir festival.   The next step for that is it must be approved by the school board at the October meeting.  We will function under the assumption that it will be approved until then.  Mr. Russo is the district person that will present it to the board and he is in support of the overnight trip.  Our first fundraiser will be the Mr. Zs one.  If you have anything you wanted to discus about the meeting you can comment here.  Sorry the meeting went so long but we had a lot to get through.  I don’t anticipate any meetings of this length again this year.   If you can’t access YouTube for practice indicate below that you need a DVD.  I meant to show you how to find the practice channel but didn’t get to that.   I will send that info along with the size charts for choir uniforms and t-shirts next week.   If you want to continue the discussion on how to choose the chaperones in a way that is best for the choir and fair to parents also comment below.


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3 Responses to Meeting Results

  1. Amy Sladky says:

    We were unable to make the meeting last night so I’m not sure what all was brought up in the discussion about chaperones. Sending my child overnight in itself is not what worries me, it’s worrying about whether the chaperones would know what to do if she has an allergic reaction. Considering our situation makes me think about other “conditions” (poor word choice, but all I can come up with right now) that need to be considered as well and wonder how would all the chaperones be made aware of children’s medical conditions i.e. who needs to take medications at regular time intervals, who cannot eat certain things, etc.? We are trying to make Carolyn as self-reliant as possible regarding her allergy, but she is still quite young to expect her to bear the whole responsibility, she needs guidance. She won’t travel on any overnights this year as she is in 3rd grade, so I have a year to watch and learn how this all plays out, but wanted to bring it up as a topic in case hadn’t been discussed yet…

    -Amy Sladky

  2. joinchoir says:

    You bring up some important issues. As Carolyn is in 3rd grade she would not be attending the overnight trip but other trips will involve stopping for lunch. If we get to participate in the Whitewater Treble Clef Festival we will be stopping for lunch. It is very possible that you could pack her a lunch so that you could still control her special diet as needed. If we were to sing at a sports event in Milwaukee I believe this would again be a good choice. For other touring families, we will send an emergency form with the permission slip. Any special needs should be indicated on that. Last year I set my phone alarm for students who had to take medication at specific times. I meet with Vickie our nurse before any trip to discus medical needs of children going on the trip and take a copy of their emergency plans with me. If there are multiple busses, a chaperone, preferably a staff member will carry those forms and be made aware of any special medical needs. -Hope this helps.

  3. Amy Sladky says:

    It does help to know that it has already been thought of and that you discuss with the nurse in advance. Certainly for a day trip, a cold lunch is easiest and safest route…trickier when we start talking about overnights, but I have another year to think on that.


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