Report Week Of 9/20/10

GCC sopranos meet Tuesday 8 AM

GCC altos meet Wednesday 8 AM

GCC Combined meet Thursday -resorting day

GCC Parent meeting Thursday Night at 6:30 Gifford Auditorium

Agenda: Tour Destination 2010-2011

Tour Destination 2011-2012

Fund raising


Release Forms/permissions


Special Project- Sound Bank

What sounds can your child make with their voice or their body?  Record the sound as .wav, mp3, or .AIFF file, name it and email it to me.  The sound should be one they can make repeatedly and could be taught to someone else.  I would like to use this for my own composition for the choir and make it available on line for other composers to use.  Examples: high pitch squeal, tongue cluck, animal sound, door creak, whisper…

Keep sending your high scores.  Open the post on high scores below and then comment.


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2 Responses to Report Week Of 9/20/10

  1. Stacey says:

    My daughter is new to the Caiman Choir this year. Am I supposed to attend the Parent Meeting on this Thursday night or is this only for GCC Parents?

  2. joinchoir says:

    Sorry, I didn’t make that clear. The meeting is for GCC. However, if you wanted to come you could as the fundraising decisions made tonight will effect your child this year and possibly next. No CC parents are expected.

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