GCC Parent Meeting Tentative

da: Thursday September 23

time: 6:30 PM-8 or so.

where: Gifford auditorium.

what: Parents and guardians of Gifford Children’s Choir members should make an effort to attend this very important meeting.  We will discuss:

Tour options

Fund-Raising options


Decisions will be made based on the responses from this meeting as to where we go and what to sell.    There are deadlines regarding tour down payments and requests for an overnight field trip that I have to get in soon after the meeting.

I will add more info here later

The date is open and I turned in the form today.  It is likely that this will be approved.


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4 Responses to GCC Parent Meeting Tentative

  1. kim leslie says:

    Just wondering when practice starts.

  2. Amy Sladky says:

    Kim, don’t know if you already found this out or not, but first GCC practice is tomorrrow, Thursday 8am in Rm 75. After that we will find out who is Soprano/Alto so we know which other day of the week to attend.

  3. Cheryl Brooks says:

    In light of the traveling involved in this coming school year for the Children’s Choir and Caiman Choirs our daughter Jennifer (3rd grade/Rm 53) will not able to participate. Sincere thanks for encouraging her in her singing ability! As she gets into the middle school grades we may consider letting her travel with a choir group, but not at this point.

  4. joinchoir says:

    Thank-you for making your decision now rather than later. The Caiman Chorus does not travel. If you want, Jennifer could still be in that choir. It meets every other Thursday from 8-9 in rm 77 starting Sept 16.

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