GCC Parents Please Read

Did you turn in your permission slip? I do not have one from the people on the list at the bottom of this post. Please also read the Gifford Choirs page by clicking on those words at the top of this page.

The Two-year plan:
The World Choir Games is the biggest deal there is in the world of choir competition. It is like the olympics for choirs and choirs from all over the world compete. In 2011-2012 they will be held in the USA for the first time. Cincinnati, Ohio will host the games. To get there we need to participate in another international festival. Spend a fun evening with your singer watching videos on the ChoirGames channel on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChoirGames#p/u/17/-rC2N5p_Wok
I am seriously considering going to Reno-Tahoe for a qualifying international competition for the GCC tour this May. I have no experience competing at this level.  The choir and I need to do this type of thing to grow.    Details are just starting to come in. Although this will be very expensive I hope to limit parent contribution to $200-$300 for the trip and provide opportunities for it to be reduced farther. The rest will hopefully be made up through corporate sponsorship, grants, donations and fund-raising. We will have to use the event package they provide and acquire our own transportation, probably by plane. Last year’s trip to Eau Claire hardly cost members anything out of pocket. I realize that the 5th graders will not be here for 2011-2012 but that is the way this works. Each year benefits by the advances made by the choir from the previous year. We got invited to the Reno-Tahoe event because of the work the 2009-2010 choir did at the WCDA convention and through our internet success. No word on the TV show yet.
Repertoire: We have to perform at a whole new level to succeed at this festival. We will not be up against ordinary school choirs but rather choirs that are sponsored and funded by the governments of other nations and well established community organizations. This is the big time folks. To make a powerful enough statement we need to perform something really over the top. Please go to my music teacher blog choirbragblog.wordpress.com and scroll down to Aglepta by Arne Mellnas. The group singing is an amazing middle school aged choir from Russia. Listen close, some of it is in English with a strong accent. For those not used to ultra modern classical choral music I have to warn you it sounds like something from a horror film in places. In my career I have tried to find repertoire that empowers my children. Fluffy little songs about spring and flowers are nice but they do nothing to give the kids a feeling that singing can be powerful. We got hundreds of comments on our performance of “Still Alive” by people saying they would have joined choir if the choir sang songs like that. What is more fun than singing a nordic song that is supposed to keep trolls away?! I have ordered the score to see if we can actually pull this off but I think we can.
Summer School 2011. As many of you know, I run a poultry farm in the summer months and am not usually willing to give that up for school events. In summer 2011 the forces of the universe have come together to provide a timely opportunity. I am going to propose a class for choir members that will help them prepare repertoire and learn advanced vocal techniques in summer 2011. This year’s 3rd and 4th graders should keep this in mind. It will be an opportunity for us to prepare for the biggest choir event in the world.

No permission slips from:

David At
Alyson Bu
Jack Cl
Caroline Cl
Natalie Di
Jaylin He
Madeline Le
Jordan Pe
Caden St (I have your sister’s)
Sean St
Maya St
Julia and Maddie Vo
Please email me for now so I know if I should hold a spot for you. I will pass out new permission slips later.


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7 Responses to GCC Parents Please Read

  1. Not sure what happened. My last message was sent while I was still typing. Anyway, you’ll get the gist. 🙂 — Michael

  2. Tori Schram says:

    You mentioned at open house that you were hoping to have a parent meeting on 9/21… that is also the night of the first PTA meeting. Just wanted to make sure you were aware, as that may cause conflict for some parents.

  3. joinchoir says:

    Thanks, someone else pointed that out. I will have to choose another date.

  4. STULTZ says:

    Did you know that some of the kids names that were in the e-mail are not in any of these lists?

  5. joinchoir says:

    No, can you name one? First name and first 2 letters of last name please. The on line list may not be current. It’s been a long time since June.

  6. STULTZ says:

    Kyler An
    Samuel Bo (I know you are in)
    Jennifer Br
    Camille Cr
    Colton Kr
    Michael Ni
    Brandon Ni
    Evan St (Evin is spelt with an i)
    Adam Tw
    Maria Vi
    Aleigha Wi

  7. Melissa dixon says:

    Do you have a permission slip for Natalie?

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