2010 Gifford Children’s Choir Supply List

I know many of you are doing back to school shopping so I thought I would add this to your list. One of the pieces we will be doing first requires the kids to wear a plastic mask. Start looking at rummage sales, resale shops and your Halloween costume box for plastic masks. Human looking character masks not covered in blood or gore would be best. Especially president faces or recognizable faces. Superheros are OK. The idea is to give a plastic or wax look to the faces of the kids for a plastic sounding song we will be performing by October one for our internet audience. Have fun with this. Full face or ones that cover just to the nose are fine.

Good Luck!


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2 Responses to 2010 Gifford Children’s Choir Supply List

  1. Amy Sladky says:

    Also in the spirit of preparation…are the uniforms purchased through the choir or is it simply a white shirt and black pants? I have one child in Caiman Chorus and one in GCC, so I believe what they need to wear is different.

    Amy Sladky

  2. joinchoir says:

    The GCC uniform is a specific white shirt and black pants. The pants were a bit difficult to fit for kids so we may accept pants that have the same fabric and shade but this may be equally difficult to do. Hold off a bit and we will measure and order these together t save money. The kids also need black, dark blue or dark brown shoes that enclose the toe. The Caiman Uniform is a T-shirt that they wo’nt need until the winter concert.

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