2010-2011 Choir Audition Results

Dear Parents And Students,
The results were posted today in school and will be posted above shortly. There about 160 kids that were accepted into the auditioned choirs. There at least 200 other students who would have made an excellent addition to the choirs. We have to draw the line somewhere and have already accepted more than is practical knowing that some will not accept the invitation. If your child made it into one of the choirs please read this post. The following info is also available above by clicking the “Gifford Choirs” tab:
Every Choir member’s family should read this before accepting a position in the choir.
The Gifford Children’s Choir (GCC) is our highest level auditioned choir of 80 singers grades 3-5. The choir is directed by me, Jack Senzig. The students are very dedicated and proud of the work they do. I am especially proud of their mastery of vowels which creates a beautiful tone color. GCC wears a specific uniform, some may be available used, keep checking this blog. The cost for the uniform in 2009-2010 was $35. Sopranos meet on Tuesday and Altos meet on Wednesday mornings and both sections will meet on Thursday mornings opposite the Caiman Chorus. Rehearsals are at 8 AM in rm 75. Near performance days there are combined rehearsals on Tues and Wed.
New in the 2010-2011 school year, membership in the GCC involves a couple of special commitments. If you are unable to commit to these you should let us know immediately. Your student may still participate in Caiman Chorus if you decide not to enroll them in GCC.
1. Parents are responsible for retrieving information on this blog. The day before each weekly rehearsal, parents of GCC members must check the blog for any new information. Volunteers will be sought to be a liaison to parents without internet access.
2. Parents of GCC members must have an email address or be willing to accept phone calls from parent volunteers. In the case of emergency or time sensitive information needing to be given out, Mr. Senzig will send out that info in email.
3. Members of GCC must have parental permission to be photographed, videotaped and recorded and such images and recordings may be used by Mr. Senzig, Gifford School, and Racine Unified School District for advertising, publicity, or other choir related purposes. Recordings of your GCC member may be used for profit by the above mentioned parties. Examples of such use include: posting videos and still photos on internet sites such as YouTube and the choir blogs, TV appearances and shows, podcasts, itunes etc.
4. In 2009-2010 the GCC auditioned to be a part of a TV series. The production company is seeking a network to buy the idea of the new series. If the choir is selected and the duties of being on the TV series can be met within our regular rehearsals, being a part of GCC means you accept that your student will be a part of the TV show. If additional rehearsals, travel or expense are incurred, these will be discussed with families of choir members. Decisions as to the choir and/or individuals continuing to participate in the TV series will be made at that time.
5. The choir is likely to travel large distances in the 2010-2011 season. Destinations being considered include, Chicago, Indiana and Graz, Austria. Mr. Senzig will do all he can to keep the costs down but being a part of GCC means you are willing to let your child travel with the choir in principle. Should costs be prohibitive, some members of the choir may participate while others do not. I think you should anticipate and begin saving for costs in the range of $200-$300 for the year, not counting uniforms. If we were to travel overseas, that cost would be greater. It is very possible the district will not allow third graders to travel with us on anything that includes an overnight stay. Parents of third grade members must be aware of this possibility and should discus it with their student.
6. All GCC members are a part of Caiman Chorus. If a student does not follow the attendance policy for Caiman Chorus they may not participate in GCC.
The Caiman Chorus is our intermediate level auditioned choir of about 150 singers that will meet every other Thursday morning at 8 AM. All Gifford students in grades 2-5 may audition for this choir. The Caiman Chorus uniform will be the same T-Shirt used in 2009-2010 and dark pants or slacks. The t-shirts will cost around $7.
Grade Level Choruses: Each grade level from K5-5th grade is a non-auditioned choir. These perform twice a year at the all school concerts. There is no cost to membership in these choirs.
Racine Community Choir at Gifford: this is the community choir for adults and children that will be held from October through December 2010. Please click on the “Community Choir” tab above for more info.
Attendance: Any student that misses more than two rehearsals in a semester must make an appointment with the director to make up the rehearsal time and or show their readiness to perform at the director’s convenience. If students do not do this they may be asked to attend concerts as an audience member. Anyone who misses four or more rehearsals may be dropped from the choir without refund of any choir expenses at the discretion of the choir’s director. Missing a concert for anything but an emergency involving hospitalization of the student, attendance at funeral of an immediate family member or contagious illness where directed by a doctor to stay at home can result in a student being dropped from an auditioned choir. Contact should be made with the director prior to the concert or if this is not possible, as soon after as is practical. If you have a conflict with a performance date you should speak to your director as soon as the calendar is published. Parents of choir members should check performance and rehearsla dates of the choir before signing kids up for other events such as sports. There are 200 excellent singers that want to be in choir and were not accepted. If you know your child can not make it to performances, please don’t let them sign up.


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2 Responses to 2010-2011 Choir Audition Results

  1. Gail Mattie says:

    I would like to offer my childs uniform for a $20.00 donation to the Giffords Children Choir. Girl size; 12-14 . If interested you can reach me at gmattie@wi.rr.com

  2. Nathalie Kelsey says:

    Mr Senzig – are you still considering the trip to NYC? Also, if you are thinking of going overseas – how much advance notice would we get for fundraising/ planning?

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