Skatetown for Choir Tuesday

Tuesday night is our choir party at Skatetown. Both Caiman Chorus and Children’s Choir can arrive starting at 4 PM. You need to come in your Caiman Chorus T-shirt. Total cost is $7.50 including entrance, skate rental, pizza and a drink. Sorry about the late notice. This is a bit messed up but you need to pay the $5.00 regular skate rental fee at the door and either bring $2.50 to me at school (Preferred) or bring $2.50 to me at skatetown. I will be writing a personal check to Skatetown Tuesday night. If we have enough people there, we will sing The Star Spangled Banner and Children’s Choir will sing Still Alive just for fun. All Gifford students and family are welcome as this is our regular Gifford night at Skatetown.

Anyone who has a video of the Concert Tuesday, we would like a copy. Thanks


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3 Responses to Skatetown for Choir Tuesday

  1. Debbie Crenshaw says:

    Wow…the Skatetown/Choir party was sooooo much fun and quite the workout for this old body (and I only fell ONCE!)!! It was great to see the kids relaxing and enjoying just hanging out with each other. Wonderful idea, Jack…now I think I’ll go put myself into traction!!

  2. Gail Mattie says:

    We we’re not able to make the Skate Town party, but would like to thank you for the most exciting choir season ever! What a blast!! Gail & Candice Mattie

  3. joinchoir says:

    This was a really neat event. I would like to do this again early in the year to bring the kids together. I was so very impressed with how many parents knew how to skate. Especially Diona’s mom and Zoe’s mom. Holy cow, skating backwards and everything. Thanks to Lynn at Skate Town for keeping such a positive atmosphere for us to gather. Skate Town is truly one of the gems of Racine.

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