Concert Tuesday 12/25

Reminder: All Gifford students grades k5-5 have a concert tomorrow, Tuesday May 25 at 6:30 PM at Case High School. The doors to the fieldhouse open at 6:10 PM. Please do not enter earlier as we will be setting up. In the letter we sent home we asked that the kids dress up. It looks like it will be a hot one so kids who aren’t in choir can wear shorts and a t-shirt if they want. Caiman Chorus kids need to wear their new choir t-shirt uniform (with the singing Gator). Children’s Choir members wear your uniform with the Caiman Chorus T-shirt over your white shirt. Write your name or initials on the label so you can take the t-shirt off after Caiman Chorus. The Concert will probably last about an hour and 15 minutes. The Superintendent is coming to speak for a few minutes because of the great things going on with the Children’s Choir. You can look at the page above marked All School Concerts for more info.

If a parent could bring a small cooler with some ice and a couple of towels along it would be helpful j. If you do post a comment here (if this isn’t the first time you have commented it will show up)


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2 Responses to Concert Tuesday 12/25

  1. Kelly Cantu says:

    Don’t know if you will get this in time, but you want the children’s choir in the black pants and white long sleeve shirt with the blue Gifford t-shirt over?

  2. joinchoir says:


    So shall I join the choir invisible Whose music is the gladness of the world. -George Eliot

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