Caiman Chorus/GCC Rehearsals/Concert/Party

Caiman Chorus rehearses tomorrow (Thursday) at 8 AM and all choir members rehearse Tuesday Morning at 8 AM.   You will get your t-shirts then if you haven’t gotten them yet.  If you are going to miss tomorrow and still plan on performing you must see me or email me by 9:30 AM tomorrow or you will not be listed in the program.

GCC members that sang on Telephone and Acapella have a special rehearsal Monday Morning at 8 AM.

The Concert is Tuesday May 25 at 6:30 PM.  All Gifford students will be participating and should arrive no earlier that 6:10 PM and no later than 6:20 PM.  If you arrive early, do not enter the Fieldhouse.  GCC members should wear their uniforms with the caiman chorus uniform t-shirt over the top.  Caiman Chorus only members can wear just their choir t-shirt on top or they can wear it over the top of another shirt.

Choir Party.  All members of Caiman Chorus and GCC are invited to the next Gifford Night at Skatetown for our choir party.  This is a bit tentative but I don’t see any reason the office will object.  Please check back here for details.  I will talk to the Skatetown people tonight about Pizza and prices tonight and update this post as I know more.  Because it is Gifford night, siblings and parents are invited to skate but if pizza is ordered, that will have to be just choir kids.

Tomorrow at 6:30 PM will be one of the most amazing elementary strings concerts you will ever see.  Mrs. Peavlers kids have some incredible surprises for you.  They will be performing some pieces from the popular and TV repertoire that you have to see and hear to believe.  Go Peavler!

On a personal note, those of you who were concerned about me being let go because of not renewing my license, I got some good news today.  I believe UWParkside has come through for me and may give me retroactive credit for two credits I took in fall.   If that happens I am in the clear.  Think happy thoughts…think happy thoughts…


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6 Responses to Caiman Chorus/GCC Rehearsals/Concert/Party

  1. Debbie Crenshaw says:

    We were wondering what was going on with your credit concern…keeping fingers crossed!!

  2. Gail Mattie says:

    I thought I saw somewhere that you could use help on the 25th at Case.(cannot find right now) Please let me know what you need help with, I’m available. Good luck with your credit concern!!

  3. joinchoir says:

    We need parent volunteers to pass out programs at the door and keep people out until 6:10 PM. We also need parents to help line the kids up for where they are going to sit. email catherine.mccormick at use an @ sign in the middle, and let her know please.

    So shall I join the choir invisible Whose music is the gladness of the world. -George Eliot

  4. Debbie Crenshaw says:

    Hey, kept meaning to ask…did Parkside come through on your retroactive credit you needed?

  5. joinchoir says:

    I have paid my tuition and am now waiting for a receipt so I can apply for a license renewal. Thanks for asking.

  6. Debbie Crenshaw says:


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