Rehearsals GCC This Week

GCC rehearsals: Sops Tuesday, Altos Wednesday and combined on Thursday We are premiering the new work called El Tiburón by Alyssa Rae Seversen at the May 25 concert. These are regular GCC rehearsals. We may spend a short time on Telephone and Acapella with the audition choir. Especially finding drummers form the kids who are not in the audition choir to accompany them. We have spent all year working together, don’t miss these last couple of weeks. The Concert is May 25 6:30 PM at Case H.S.

Don’t forget about the Kringle Fund-raiser we are doing.  Additional forms are available at rehearsals.  

p.s. there is a very thought provoking comment under the “Its Not Over Yet Post”  I would like all GCC families to read it, think about it and discus it by leaving a comment.


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  1. Cathy Andersen says:

    Just an FYI, the 5th graders are leaving for Camp Timberlee at 7:15 tomorrow morning. If you missing a few sopranos, you know why.

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