And There You Have It

Ladies and Gentleman,
That is what a community can do when they pull together for and with its children! The Kids were wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow aaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!! The creative team met on April 17 to choose repertoire and on May 1 we performed two incredible pieces for the audition! The Kids worked so hard and stayed focussed for 11 hours of rehearsal and two hours of taping. If you haven’t told them how proud you are at least 100 times get busy! I am working on the videos every second until they are done but I had to acknowledge Miss McCormick and Mr. Kroes for their choreography. This is not an area I am comfortable with. They not only taught the kids the moves they taught me a lesson about allowing those that have special skills to share them.
Two other things: The regular Gifford Children’s Choir did an excellent job of improving Still Alive. You Did. it! You sang with the beautiful tone color that made that piece truly a triumph. The Fanshawe Dona Nobis was deeply moving.
Lastly: Your children may be feeling ill for a couple of days. I encourage you not to coddle them too much. It is normal for kids and even adults to feel exhausted and even run a slight temperature after an event like this. It would not be good for developing good performance habits to pay too much attention to it. Do make sure they drink plenty of water. As good as these kids are they are likely to keep performing throughout their lives. A temp of 100 would not be normal. That said I kept my own kid home today…
I will post again and fully thank all those who worked to pull this off when I am done with the videos.


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5 Responses to And There You Have It

  1. Melissa Dixon says:

    Has anyone contacted the local TV stations and shared this story!?!?! I sent an email off to TMJ4 today; maybe if more people do it, we’ll get their attention. I want the world do know how great these kids are!

    Or, am I an overly bias excited mother:)

  2. Francine Merritt says:

    I sent emails to CBS,NBC,ABC,FOX,and PBS. The only one who responded to me was PBS. They were considering our story. So, maybe if more contacted them they would listen. Email addresses I wrote to are: , , , ,

    Mr. Senzig, Miss McCormick and all the rest that were involved. I tell my son how proud I am of him, now I’m telling “YOU” how proud I am of your dedication and commitment to them and us. “THANK YOU!”

  3. Mary Bose says:

    If you are an “overly bias excited mother”, I think you are in good company! For sure you are not the only one! : )
    It’s hard NOT to be proud of such hard working talented children!

  4. Francine Merritt says:

    I’m with you! I contacted the news stations back in April. The only one that got back to me was PBS. They were considering the story. Here are the email addresses I used:,,,,

  5. Jenny borke says:

    I had contacted fox 6 channel 4 and 12 a few weeks back. I definatly think more people that contact the better. I too was a proud mom!!

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