If anyone is going to pick up tickets tomorrow at UWP could you pick up two for me. I will pay you back. I would need them before the end of the school day. I would like to send them home for a member who’s family won’t be coming with out some help. Anyone else in that boat please contact me. I can’t let you miss the chance for at least one person in your family to see this.

Performers don’t need a ticket. The tickets are $6 adults/$4 students and seniors. Proceeds go to pay for the hall and UWP personnel.


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3 Responses to Tickets

  1. Aurora V. says:

    I will be able to pick up 2 tickets and have them to you before the end of the day today. It is 2 adult admission tickets you want, right?

  2. Patty Turner says:

    Do you still need someone to pick up the tickets? I will be going to Sam’s Club today and could pick them up while I am in the area. Please let me know. Thank you for all you are doing with our kids. You are doing a great job. Sometimes, they need a little glimpse of shortness to understand a sense of urgency.

  3. joinchoir says:

    It has already been done.

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