More Ways to Help and News/Thanks

We will need more water on Saturday. The poor kids endured the hardship of practicing choreography in my classroom. The air flow is poor and with 70+ people in the room exercising it got rather uncomfortable. Not to mention the stress started to get to me and I was a little short with them. Someone sure didn’t have long rehearsals in mind when they designed the human waste disposal system. For Saturday’s rehearsal we can open the stage doors and there are two big blowers on stage we will leave on for rehearsal. The kids need deoderant and will need their uniform washed to wear again Sunday. Someone was talking bout Pizza for the kids. I would really rather you saved that for Skatetown. Could someone look into when is the next Gifford night? I would like that to be the party for the kids. The owners run a pizza party and I think we should take advantage of that. This would be for both choirs.

Thanks to Chris Janus the Bass player for loaning us some equipment and volunteering to play. Thanks Mrs. Senzig for playing tonight and this morning with Dr. Kinchen. I didn’t know she had worked on the solo in Dona Nobis, It was very helpful to have her accompanying and singing the solo so the kids could get a better feel for it. I’ve been singing it in rehearsal but my high A flat leaves something to be desired. I think Dr. Kinchen may have been relieved of a burden of worry after hearing the kids do so amazingly well. Of all the pieces we are doing the Fanshawe piece is by far the most goosebumpity. Thanks to Jeremy Peters our resident guitarist, violinist and anything else I throw at him. Unfortunately Jeremy won’t be able to play with us for the audition. He is playing with the Park Jazz band, Jazz Combo and Orchestra at State solo and Ensemble on Saturday. We have Jack Grassel ( us out in his place. Jack is a well known guitarist and has played with a long line of well known artists. We are very lucky to have two such talented guitarists helping us. Mike Cobb will be back again on Drums. Mike teaches privately if you want to get your kids in to drums talk to him. Thanks to Mr. Lance Peavler. Lance can now add drum maker onto his list of construction, remodeling and other carpentry work. If anyone needs work done please consider hiring Lance as a thank-you for constructing us the biggest drum I have ever seen!
We will be having a kringle sale to raise funds to pay for the rest of the events that are happening this year and to hopefully have some money available to start the year next year. Please take a look at that material when it comes out and thanks to Larsen’s and Lehman’s Bakeries for helping us out. I think this is an amazing opportunity to use our unique danish pastry to bring attention to our choir and our city…you’ll see.
After rehearsal I got the sound equipment moved to the theater and I set up the risers. I took one apart and turned and reassembled it so that three of the risers now form a straight line. This will allow everyone’s faces to be seen. The lighting guy from sixth street theater is volunteering to help us prepare the stage and lights for optimal filming conditions. he needed the risers set up so he could aim the lights. If anyone is free tomorrow at 9:10AM I could use a couple people in the theater to assist him and to help set up the sound system. I woud also like someone with construction experience to see if they could scab together a simple platform for the video taping. We should have enough wood from the musical and talent show. The theater is on a rake or angle.
The director/developer for the TV show emailed and is going to talk to me tomorrow with suggestions for how we tape the audition on Saturday.
If you are still reading this long rambling post, you would make an excellent officer of the choir (adults) please consider helping turn all this energy into something of lasting significance for the choir. Good night.


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4 Responses to More Ways to Help and News/Thanks

  1. Patty Turner says:

    Gifford Skatetown Night is Tuesday, May 4th.

  2. Brenda Torres says:

    Mr. Senzig,
    my husband, Joe Monti, would be willing to help with RE:
    someone with construction experience to see if they could scab together a simple platform for the video taping. We should have enough wood from the musical and talent show. The theater is on a rake or angle.
    He would like a bit more details on what the need is so that he can bring the right tools and come prepared. can you better describe the platform? size, etc?

  3. joinchoir says:

    Sorry I have been running non-stop all day. If Joe would like to come about 9:10 tomorrow, I would like to take a step unit we have and extend it so that the video camera could sit on a tripod on top of that. I am trying to get a better angle on the stage. I have a framing hammer, circular saw, screws and nails along with wood here.

  4. joinchoir says:

    Aarg!! That is probably too soon.

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