GCC Audition Choir Meets Tonight

Rehearsal is 6-7:30 PM Normal clothes. Please use the rest room before you get here. We lost about 15 minutes on Tuesday. All GCC Parents, the kids need help practicing “Still Alive” . I haven’t been stressed about any of this until today’s rehearsal. The kids have forgotten when to sing/turn on their lights. Please work with them. There will be new copies of the chart available at rehearsal tonight. Third graders need especially a lot of attention. I would hate to have our returning audience comment in one voice that the video was better but the choir was worse! Please burn the midnight oil on this one! You could practice with the CD or watch the video on YouTube or simply read through it with them coming in only when they should.

About the New York thing:
Just a little reality, getting the district to allow us on an overnight anywhere will be impossible without a well organized parent group to pitch it and show their support. I emailed the company putting this on and gave them suggestions for running an event that would be better for our kids. Their artistic director is going to call me next week to talk about the possibilities. I am not convinced this would be worth the money or the headache. I have another offer to join a festival in Indiana but that would be about 4 hours away. I am sending in the audition for the ACDA convention today. That may be a better option. We’ll see. Start considering being an officer for the Friends of Gifford Vocal Music organization.

Saturday Rehearsal and taping 10-3 PM bring a lunch
Sunday 2 PM rehearsal at UWP Com Arts theater, be there a little early.
no less than 15 kids came in late to rehearsal today. Come on guys! Every minute counts right now!
Concert 3:30 PM-5:40 PM? Cake to follow


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