Great Rehearsal!

Our first go at the new repertoire went very well. A 5 hour rehearsal for anybody is difficult but the kids handled it very well. We got to voice and balance the choir in addition to working on the songs. It was an absolute delight to hear the three part harmony in the first piece absolutely ringing with proper balance. When we added the descant (4th harmony part) we had some trouble as the sections had to function without some of their leaders. This will be excellent for building vocal independence for the future. Don’t forget to do the most important number on the help list- #10 Tell your child you are proud of them.
I didn’t finish the arrangement of the second piece until 9 AM. That was cutting it close. As I said, every minute of help that you have been providing is essential! Please post the little things you do as well as the big things to the audition page. Click on the word audition above the picture of the choir on this blog and then add a comment. I want to be able to show the people who matter just what a project like this takes, and how many people it takes doing all sorts of things can make a program like this really special. I will also use this data in organizing a Friends of Gifford Music organization for next year. The PTA has reorganized the way they handle their budget so that more money goes to expected expenses and projects that are planned ahead and budgeted. This means they will not have the wiggle room that has benefitted us in the past for the acquisition of funds for the tour bus and the sound system. We will need to do our own fundraising for big projects like those.
The ladies that were helping out today were amazing. For me, having someone there that I can just assign a task as they come up is extremely helpful. I especially want to thank Mrs. Benson whose unique understanding of how my ADD brain functions has been essential to my ability to pull this off. She has been organizing the random sequence of my 3 page to-do list into tasks that I can manage.
I got a call from the drum maker to come over and see the almost final project. It is so unique that people who have heard about the project from the Music-Go-Round store in Kenosha actually came to lend a hand in the final stage of stretching the head.
GCC practices Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week at 8 AM. The next special rehearsal is this Tuesday, 6-7:30 PM.
Thanks also to my Wendy Senzig for filling in for me at home and Adoree Senzig for volunteering to host Adele’s 1st communion party later today. Couldn’t do it with out you guys!


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