UWParkside and Special Rehearsals GCC

Important news about the UWParkside Concert. Dr. Kinchen has called a rehearsal for 1:30 PM on May 2 for us to practice the finale. The kids will have to be at the UWParkside theater in the Comm Arts building by 1:20 PM. We rehearse at 1:30 PM and perform at 3:30 PM. We will be adding the new special audition repertoire to the other songs we are singing. This will be the most amazing concert we have done yet!

What have you done to help the choir today? This Week? What do you pledge to do soon? Comment with the number of the action plan or if you did something not on the list, tell us what you did.

comment: #3 and #1

comment: I did #8 that’s why it’s off the list!

comment: I donated $$

comment: I signed and returned my permission slip

comment: I sent Mr. Senzig 3 song links.

comment: I told my kid how proud I am of them.


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2 Responses to UWParkside and Special Rehearsals GCC

  1. Cathy Andersen says:

    Signed and returned permission slip.
    Donated $$.
    Told Kate I was proud of her.

  2. Debbie Crenshaw says:

    16–can do this during the week, but weekends are tough (I work on a computer all day)

    18–water yes

    22–can take & delivery instruments

    24–can email to push you

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