This Was a Triumph!

I am very proud of the kids! How much buzz did we generate? I hope you will excuse a little obsession on my part. I have always loved statistics about things that aren’t sports. I have never had so many numbers to describe what for me was already an awesome experience. I am so looking forward to hearing the kids sing the improved version on May 2.

Here are the honors we won Week 2 on YouTube: as of 4/10/10
#79 – Most Discussed (This Month)) – Music /Up from #91
#75 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Canada /Down from #56
#94 – Most Viewed (This Week)) /Down from #59
#79 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Sweden /Down from #42
#92 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Germany /Up from #94
#14 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Australia /Down from #9
#8 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Canada /Up from #10
#26 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – United Kingdom /Down from #15
#17 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Ireland /Down from #15
#68 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – India /Down from #46
#15 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – New Zealand /Down from #13
#93 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Israel /Up from #72
#16 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music /Down from #10
#17 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Spain /Down from #17
#87 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Mexico /Down from #69
#62 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Netherlands /Down from #53
#91 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Poland /First time this category
#73 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Russia /down from #39
#9 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Sweden /down from #6
#88 – Most Viewed (This Month)) – Music /First time this category
#34 – Top Favorited (This Month)) – Music /up from #39 last week
#12 – Top Rated (This Month)) – Music /up from #25 last week
#// Most discussed (This Week)- Music /Dropped off list from #14
#// Most Viewed (This Week)) – /Dropped off list from #97
#// Most Viewed (This Week)) – New Zealand /dropped off list from #83
#// Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music /Dropped off list from #10
#// Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Czech Republic /Dropped off list from #78
#// Top Favorited (This Week)) /Dropped off list from #18
#// Top Favorited (This Week)) – Music /Dropped off list from #5
#// Top Rated (This Week)) /Dropped off list from #52
#// Top Rated (This Week)) – Music /Dropped off list from #5
#// Most Viewed (This Week)) – United Kingdom /Dropped off list from #77
#// #83 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – New Zealand /Dropped off list from #83
#// Most Viewed (This Week)) /Dropped off list from #59

I believe this is where we ended the Month of April:
#61 – Most Discussed (This Month)) – Music – Global/up from #80
#60 – Most Viewed (This Month)) – Music – Global /down from #53
#85 – Top Favourited (This Month)) – Global/up from #89
#22 – Top Favourited (This Month)) – Music – Global/up from #29
#19 – Top Rated (This Month)) – Music – Global/Down from #10

New Honors for This week (starting 4/19/2010 as of 4/27/10)
#64 – Most Discussed (This Month)) – Music – Global/up from #80
#53 – Most Viewed (This Month)) – Music – Global/up from #78
#89 – Top Favourited (This Month)) – Global/first time this category
#22 – Top Favourited (This Month)) – Music – Global/up from #29
#17 – Top Rated (This Month)) – Music – Global /down from #10/#12

Discovered 29 Mar 2010
95 blog posts
173 pages of Youtube comments
Favorites 6,928
Ratings: 5,488
Average Rating: 4.92
6,635 facebook shares
Over 2000 tweets
879 points on Reddit 1232 upvotes
2353 Diggs

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Articles About us:
The Escapist Magazine
The Racine Post

Languages we were written about in:
English, German, Japanese, Portugese, Spanish, Danish
The buzz is rounded to 72% in English, 17% in Spanish, 7% in German,4% in Danish, 1% other.

Links to our videos:
My YouTube Channel:
Still Alive:
From A Balloon:
A Voice From The Farm:
Diners in The Kitchen:
Caiman Chorus singing Old Man Time:

Link to our audio:

Information gathered from YouTube, Twitter and Viral Video Chart

Favorite Comments:
from G4: Spybreak wrote:
Thank god for the internet or this would only be told as a legend past down through generations.
From GameTrailers Squiglyspl////quick! wrote:
Clone that man and get him to teach at all schools!
TheTiz wrote:
WAIT A SEC! Aren’t Video games supposed to make kids kill each other!?Ya see this is the stuff they need to show on news networks instead of the random whacky kid who kills his friend/brother after playing a game.
MrRandom004 wrote:
Best Children’s Choir EVER
From videosift Mas8705 wrote:
the weighted companion cube would be proud…
From Youtube:
Alloflifedecays This is the best thing ever.

wariokid244 someone please go down to that school and give each and every one of those kids some cake… they’ve earned it 90 thumbs up.

brawlgirl64 omg they’re so awesome!

Flanderstubing I wish all schools would be as creative as this.

LemmingsKillKirsty this has made my day 🙂
and its been a prettty good day!!!!
ahhhh this is so class!!!

goldenphoenix3000 I think my life has been completed now.

ProfPyro This my friends is the very definition of a win.

imajika2 Best choir teacher EVER! I want to buy him/her a beer.

LeChristianDiaz another reason the world gives you to smile

Litameena4chan D8> Why couldn’t MY Choir have done that when I was a member?!?!?!?

Bordann I wish my music teachers had done stuff like this when I was younger. I would have joined choir immediately.

NikoJims This is the greatest grade school ever.

DEEEMCEEZ This video is delicious and moist. I wish I could do this.

MorsmordreMaiden Even aside from being cute and the lights and soloist’s dress being awesome, the song itself was beautiful. They did an awesome job.

zeffey413 !!!!!!!! This is pure win!!!!

coolkitty7 the harmony is pure love

buccaneerpenguin My home state just got more awesome.

Tranzphonic this was G4 omg I LIVE in Racine, WI and Mr. Senzig taught at my high school. WEIRD!

zeekgenateer Dear Valve,
Get these kids to a recording studio and use the song as an easter egg in a game. Maybe in Episode 3?? If you are going to make it…

computerguy109 This video really takes the cake!!

acesonfire every single child deserves CAKE! 26 thumbs up

Saiuki Epic children. This video is made of win, and so are those children.

ZaPpYo8 EPIC WIN lol…thats amazing XD

storkvana this is the greatest video ever

Romnipotent even more eerie is being a parent and having your kid singing this. If I didn’t know better I’d be freaked

evilmuffin3 thats..thats buteful man i wish my choir did this

Alex717cr uh!!!! now i got chicken skin

TheRavenFalcon Why couldn’t my choir have been that awesome? … I missed out!

twp3905 Hey thats my daughter singing. They did a great job. They worked really hard. Great kids…. 18 thumbs up

ISWolf Ok, am I the only one who wants to see them do a duet with Coulton at say the next PAX?

Audience response aught to blow the roof off of the building that they’d be using. 😀

LutherLumpa Pure win.

mikekearn When everyone started cheering at the end, I wanted to join in. I had to remind myself that it’s only a video and that it’s 5 AM and people are still asleep. Really fantastic work!

blackzarak21 That is awesome! Great job kids!

Sazeik Oh great! ^^
Greetings from Canary Islands, Spain =)

XanX01that my friends is awesome. I wish my choir had been that cool when I was little lol.

RoboVoldy …this may be the coolest school choir ever. Honestly. I wish all choirs were like this.

wandersfar Adorable and creepy at the same time.

The neon cake dress just puts it over the top.

0090807060 as a former professional young adult choir member, i find this absolutely amazing!! i wish i had been given the chance to perform something as wonderful as this

powerrangerguy One of the best kids concerts I have ever seen

workingstiff76 Great job! I like it better than the version in the Portal credits.

InquisitorMatt Lighten up. Most kid folk songs are based on horrible events in history.
Ring around the rosey is about the black plague, yet kids know that one.

johnny4992 Thats %120 pure concentrate win right there just really awesome wish i could have been there to see it live.

Swalka1991 That really and truly just made my day

Favorite Caption:
from BuzzFeed: The Gifford Children’s Choir performs “Still Alive” by Jonathan Coulton from the credits of the video game Portal. Awesomeness ensues. No mention if cake was served afterward.
from Ladies and gentlegeeks, here is “Still Alive”, Jonathan Coulton’s awesome song that plays at the end of Portal, as performed by the Gifford Children’s Choir. Enjoy!


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4 Responses to This Was a Triumph!

  1. Debbie Crenshaw says:

    WOW!!! This is just the most amazing thing I have ever seen where people from all over the world commenting on little old Racine, WI. I can’t seem to find the words to express how much we appreciate the unique and out-of-the-box creativity of Mr. Senzig!! Kudos!!

  2. Mary Bose says:

    An overwhelmeing WOW! !!!

    Mr. Senzig, Did you ever think this would run so fast and so far? How exciting! I do have to say, some of the comments that are out there that may be on the “not so possitive” side….I wish people would understand that you have parents that know EXACTLY what you are doing with our kids AND you have our support. I am so thankful to have a choir director with such talent, vision and commitment to our kids. It’s obvious you love what you do.
    Thankyou for such lifetime experiences for our kids. It makes me sad to know Jeremiah will be graduating out this yr. We will never find another “Mr. Senzig”. Keep up the great work.
    Oh, and by the way…..” LET THERE BE CAKE!”

  3. joinchoir says:

    Thanks for the comment. You might be surprised and pleased when your children go on to middle and high school. we have a lot of excellent music teachers in Racine that are every bit as dedicated as I am.

  4. joinchoir says:

    There’s a box?

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