Kids Say Thanks For the Smiles

We had rehearsals Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and I read the kids a list of the comments that were posted about them. I have never seen 80 faces smile with pride like this before. They especially liked these:
Haha that’s awesome i live in racine, now i can actually be proud of where i’m from. (sorry didn’t copy the screen name) and nemoann: I have seen the light!!!! I want their autographs!

They were also very excited that some people have actually sent money. ($137,000 so far) The money really started to flow after President Obama commented on our video and ordered congress to discuss his new “Cake for All” bill. What a glorious day to have 340,000 hits on YouTube even if the new layout is terrible.

(Happy April 1st)


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2 Responses to Kids Say Thanks For the Smiles

  1. Brenda says:

    Mr Senzig and the kids have done some amazing things this school year.

    at work, when someone does great work, I let his boss know the value of the employee’s work, how that employee’s contributed to the success of the company.

    Parents: Happy kids do well in school. Music helps learning. If your son or daughter loves singing like my son and daughter do, then let Mr Russo know the value of this music program to you and you child. Especially if you want to continue to have great arts programs at Gifford.


    at a very young age, my kids showed great interest in arts.
    I know that when I moved to Racine, I had originally thought of sending my children to Fine Arts. when we bought our house, we found that Gifford was our district school. I had hear good things about Gifford school and because of the convinience of the logistics, I decided to give it a try. I have no regrets.

    Rock on Gifford Children and Mr Senzig!

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